39. Chosen Bun

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Founders: Andy Shovel and Peter Sharman
Founded:July 2013
Website: chosenbun.com

A 2013 Startups Awards finalist, Chosen Bun has enjoyed a series of business accolades for its innovative proposition – the UK’s first ever burger delivery service. Founded by young entrepreneurs Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman, the West Fulham-based takeaway company specialises in burgers that “taste immense and don’t go soggy” using their own-designed, patented, thermal induction-heated hot-bags to keep burgers ventilated and warm during the delivery transportation process.

Listing its biggest challenge to date as “chips”, and “fixing the chips” as its breakthrough moment, the cheeky start-up has developed a fun brand which has helped capture the attention of London’s burger lovers. In under a year, the innovative burger offering has won the support, and stomachs, of South West Londoners with projected turnover for 2014 estimated at £1.2m and a second London store opening planned for the next few months. Counting success as “enjoying most of every single day and eventually earning a fortune”, the company isn’t planning to stop at a second store and has long-terms goals to establish a chain of Chosen Bun’s across the capital – we’re hoping for one near us shortly!

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