41. Seedrs

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Founders: Jeff Lynn and Carlos Silva
Founded: May 2009 (launched July 2012)
Website: www.seedrs.com

Also listed in our 2013 index, Seedrs sets itself apart from competitor equity crowdfunding sites such as Crowdcube with its unique nominee-based approach to investment; instead of receiving an individual stake in a funded start-up, armchair investors on the platform are represented by Seedrs itself as nominee shareholder, which looks after their interests and ensures the maximum return on investment. The platform’s creators describe this as a win-win for both parties – companies do not have to gain the approval of a multitude of backers for future funding rounds, and the investors themselves reap all the rewards of investment with the minimum of effort.

In the last 12 months the platform’s userbase has more than tripled to 42,000 users across 45 countries, with this figure growing daily as more investors are attracted to Seedrs’ no-nonsense 7.5% commission model. The site marked a major milestone in November 2013 when it secured a record-breaking £2.5m investment from over 900 investors on its own platform – taking its total amount of investment to £3.6m. This latest funding is set to back “aggressive” growth plans, with a major programme of European expansion on the cards in addition to developing the social side of its technology platform.

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