49. PropertECO

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Founders: Martin Freeman and Rebecca Kench
Founded: July 2011
Website: www.properteco.co.uk

Since making our 2013 list, the safe building specialist has continued to refine its focus on removing dangerous radioactive radon from older buildings – long-term exposure can seriously damage health, but the danger of radon in buildings was widely overlooked until propertECO offered its solution. propertECO has focused on acquiring new clients in its second year, focusing especially on the banking sector – due to the way banks are constructed, dangerously high radon concentrations are often found within basement vaults, representing a significant opportunity for the fast-growing specialist company.

In addition to its radon remediation contracting work, the start-up has signed a deal with a US manufacturer which will see it become the first UK distributor for a range of radon testing and removal devices, selling the products through their website and directly to trade customers, as well as recently founding the UK Radon Association, a six-strong trade association aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of radon amongst UK companies. With just two employees but a predicted revenue for 2014 of £745,000, propertECO is set for more growth as it continues to promote awareness of the dangers of radon and grow its reach in the next 12 months.

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