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Founder: Michael Cross
Founded: May 2012 (launched September 2012)
Website: brightblueconsulting.co.uk

Having worked in the marketing return on investment (ROI) industry for 15 years, Brightblue Consulting founder Michael Cross came to realise that marketing results weren’t being used efficiently. Determined to “buck the trend”, Cross created Brightblue; a marketing consultancy delivering complex ROI results in a “clear and simple way” so that businesses can optimise their future spend.

Just over 18 months after launch and already profitable, the company’s innovative model has paid off. The business has won contracts with leading UK brands such as 118 118, Kerry Foods, EE and Reed.co.uk – an impressive client portfolio to say the least. Claiming to increase client marketing spend by 15% on average, the consultancy plans to focus on further client acquisition over the next 12 months, as well as internal growth with plans to add four new members to its current three-person team in 2014.Brightblue Consulting wants to bring marketing ROI into the mainstream so expect to see a rise in more “accountable and defendable” marketing over the next year.

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