89. Sosban & The Old Butchers Restaurant

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Founders: Stephen Stevens and Bethan Stevens
Founded: February 2012
Website: www.sosbanandtheoldbutchers.com

Anyone who has visited a restaurant will know the familiar agony of having to choose between dishes on a menu – uniquely, Stephen and Bethan Stevens’ Anglesey-based restaurant takes that dilemma away, creating ‘surprise’ four-course menus tailored to a customer’s exact dietary needs and food preferences, so they don’t know what they are getting until they arrive.

As the restaurant essentially chooses what to serve, food wastage is reduced to near-zero, meaning Sosban & The Old Butchers can create an unforgettable food experience with locally-sourced ingredients for the competitive price of £43.70 a head. The concept is so popular the founders say they have been full every evening this year to-date (they’re currently open three nights a week) and are already taking bookings six months in advance. With listings in both the Good Food guide and Michelin Restaurant Guide 2014 and a determination to “continue to excite and intrigue” both new and loyal customers, the hype around Sosban & The Old Butchers is only set to increase.

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