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Founders: David White, Matt Painter and Andrew Fogg
Founded: June 2012 (launched September 2014)
Website: www.import.io

The internet is the largest source of data in the world, where people are constantly updating their personal information. The ability to break down and analyse this information grants organisations unrivalled insight into consumers, but many lack the technical ability to properly exploit its benefits.  

import.io is seeking to change this by offering tools that enable anyone to transform a website into a table of data or structured Application Programme Interface (API). From there they can harness the power of this raw data to inform product development and improve sales. The company’s customers choose between free tools or Import Data, a “bespoke affordable solution” for those who want live data directly. Since appearing in the Startups 100 last year, the company has seen tens of thousands of users, including a long list of Fortune 500 companies, benefit from its services.  

With backing to the tune of $4.5m led by Wellington Partners, import.io is all set to open a second office in the US this year, and will continue to develop its pioneering product, to keep up to date with the ever changing demands of the digital world.

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