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Founders: David White, Matt Painter and Andrew Fogg
Founded: June 2012
Website: import.io

Using the internet, businesses can find out a wealth of information about their chosen market, their competitors, their customers, and virtually anything else – however, analysing this information in a structured way has always presented challenges. This is where import.io’s technology comes into its own – the service allows users to transform any website into a table of data or structured API without writing a single line of code, allowing anyone to harness the true power of data on the web without specialist technical knowledge.

import.io’s potential utility is almost limitless, and with $1.3m venture capital funding behind it led by Wellington Partners, it is well placed to build upon its strong growth so far. The start-up’s founders say they have tens of thousands of users already, including many Fortune 500 companies, and this number is set to grow as import.io expands its US presence past its San Francisco base over the next year.

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