66. Brightblue Consulting

The consultancy firm simplifying over complex marketing data

Founder: Michael Cross
Founded: May 2012 (launched September 2012)
Website: www.brightblueconsulting.co.uk

After 15 years in the marketing return on investment (ROI) industry, Michael Cross was well placed to identify that the overcomplicated delivery of results often left them mostly redundant. He founded Brightblue Consulting to deliver simplified, more manageable outcomes, allowing firms to make better decisions and more money.

Its simplistic approach helps the business to stand out in a rather congested market and its results speak for themselves. The company claims to increase marketing ROI by 20% (up 5% from last year), using fact-based models to measure consumer behaviour, with prices decided on a per project basis.

Brightblue appeared on Startups 100 2014 after a successful year, and has since secured a leading global bank alongside its other big name clients, which it claims to have driven £8m in profits for. Having grown organically to-date, the next year will see the profitable company expand and diversify its client base, creating new products to offer analytical solutions to a much wider audience.


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