65. Liquiproof

The nontoxic, non-hazardous protective coating for shoes and clothes

Founder: Caner Veli
Founded: January 2014
Website: www.liquiproof.co.uk

Constantly ruining suits, ties and shoes thanks to a combination of accidents and inclement English weather, pharmaceutical science graduate Caner Veli found other (usually toxic) aerosol protectors lacking – so he set about developing a better solution.

Featured in Startups 100 2015, Liquiproof produces eco-friendly, nontoxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-aerosol protective, waterproof coatings for shoes and clothing, which it claims are “far more effective” than any other rivals on the market. Selling directly to consumers and wholesale retailers, the company’s products are stocked in more than 210 stores across the UK including Office, Urban Outfitters, Oi Polloi, Birkenstock and Lock & Co Hatters. This nationwide trade will help Liquiproof hit £2.4m in turnover for 2016, netting a significant profit.

Back in January of this year, Veli made an appearance on Dragons’ Den, where a successful demonstration of the product’s potential helped him secure £100,000 in funding from retail mogul Touker Suleyman for a 50% stake of his business.

Veli says that since the show aired, the exposure it garnered has already helped Liquiproof achieve “massive growth”. Having been approached by a number of major brands across the fashion and hospitality sectors, you could be seeing additional Liquiproof clothing and accessories coming to a store near you very soon…


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