10. Cornerstone

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Founders: Oliver Bridge
Founded: July 2014
Website: www.cornerstone.co.uk

Since launching in 2014, Cornerstone has picked up a number of accolades from Startups.co.uk including People’s Champion at the Startups Awards for two consecutive years and a ranking in last year’s Startups 100 index.

Now, Cornerstone can add one more title to its burgeoning awards cabinet with a second appearance in the Startups 100; taking the 10th spot in our 2017 list.

For Oliver Bridge – a self-confessed sufferer of sensitive skin and razor burn –his eureka business moment came whilst browsing the razor aisles one lunchtime.

Overwhelmed by the choice of expensive and ineffective products on offer, he felt there had to be a better way. His simple solution was Cornerstone: a flexible online subscription service with own brand quality shaving products and toiletries.

Submitting their information online, customers simply enter how often they shave and which products they would like  to receive their selection on a regular schedule through the post.

A 24-strong team, Cornerstone now has more than 110,000 customers in the UK – a huge increase on the 37,500 it had signed up at the time of last year’s index publication.

So, what do the next 12 months hold for the business? Bridge tells us that we will see the company expand its range of grooming products into face wash, moisturiser, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and deodorant, as well the launch of its first ever app.

Bridge isn’t shy about his business ambitions: “I want to completely destroy the men’s aisle at Boots and have every man in the UK getting their toiletries from Cornerstone over the web – never having to set foot again in a shop for bathroom products. My ambition is to sell the business for £100m by 2020”.

If Cornerstone’ success so far is anything to go by, this goal could well be within reach for the 28 year-old entrepreneur.

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