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Founders: Christopher Moon, and Aaron Evans-Aghoghogbe
Founded: November 2015 (launched January 2016)
Website: www.jointhetribe.travel

Ever tried to book a great group party holiday with your friends?

You’ll know there’s always that one person in the group that gets lumbered with being the ‘holiday organiser’; tasked with finding a good hotel, booking and paying for said hotel alongside flights (and often waiting weeks or months to get paid back what’s owed),  and also expected to create a holiday itinerary of the best places to go.

Well, if you’re in the 18-30 age bracket then you’re in luck as Tribe (formerly Together Travel) is the creator of an all-encompassing solution that says goodbye to the days of organising a party holiday yourself – instead the start-up does it all for you so you can have “a memorable, immersive holiday”.

Disappointed by holidays organised in Ibiza, the founders set about creating a new company that would deliver “only the most immersive holidays”. The founders felt the biggest pain point in the market was that for most first time trips to a chosen location the travellers only normally figure out the best way to “live the location” by the time they leave. 

Launched in January 2016, Tribe’s holiday products read like a map of top party destinations featuring holidays to the likes of Ibiza, Croatia, Las Vegas and Mallorca. Over the next three years, it plans to offer Tribe experiences in every desirable global youth location from weekend breaks to Berlin to four week trips to Australia. 

Tribe handpicks the best hotels and experiences and then hand over the custom build of the trip to their club members, letting travellers choose flight, accommodation, party and local experience options to suit their individual tastes.

However, the business’ biggest selling point is its innovative online booking system. Unlike traditional booking processes, it enables every member of a group to book and pay on an individual basis; removing the need for one person to pay for the entire group upfront.

Having attracted over 7,000 customers and achieved solid six-figure revenue for 2016, Tribe is projecting eight-figure turnover for 2017 and expects to grow rapidly year-on-year. An app is also in development, launching in September 2017, to put its offers and insider access behind a gated membership for 18-30s.

By 2020, the start-up expects to have achieved £20m in revenue – watch this space!

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