82. Baby2Body

The online advice service for pregnant women and new mothers with over 500,000 users from 30 different countries

Founder: Melinda Nicci
November 2014 (Launched January 2015)

Researching health and wellbeing during her own pregnancy back in the mid 1990’s, Melinda Nicci became frustrated at the lack of empowering or positive information to help mums-to-be.

Fast forward 15 years, Nicci had launched her own fitness classes around Greater London alongside a fitness DVD, but discovered that even in the 21st century health and fitness support and advice for pregnant women and new mums had not greatly improved.

After returning to university to obtain a master’s degree in sports psychology to gain a better understanding of the wellness space, Nicci launched Baby2Body in January 2015.

An online advice platform for pregnant women and new mothers, Baby2Body aims to create a unique and tailored experience for its users with wide-ranging personalised content on topics such as food, fashion and fitness.

Users can sign up and receive free content from Baby2Body’s blog, emails and app – while premium content is also available on the app for £9.99 a month.

Following mums-to-be every stage of the way – through early pregnancy to post-partum – Baby2Body’s custom advice means that all tips and advice are time specific so the advice mums receive at three months will be different to what they receive at eight months.

Now with over 500,000 mums using the platform across 30 different countries, and having raised £962,000 to date, Baby2Body is well on its way to ensuring that both expectant and new mothers are best informed to feel “uplifted, inspired and sexy”.


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