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Founders: Vishal Chatrath, Dr. Dongho Kim and Aleksi Tukiainen
Founded: January 2016
Website: www.prowler.io

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like something that belongs to the realms of science fiction, but one look at the current tech start-up landscape will tell you that it’s very much a reality.

One start-up at the forefront of taking AI to the next level is PROWLER.io. Where current AI is typically limited to decision trees which follow an ‘if this, then that’ pattern to determine what the bot should do, PROWLER.io is developing self-learning, autonomous bots which can respond to the unpredictability of real life.

Looking to “define a new era of AI and robotics”, founders Vishal Chatrath, Dr. Dongho Kim and Aleksi Tukiainen are highly skilled in AI, machine learning and engineering.

What this trio of brilliant minds are building is an AI system that has “rare technical capabilities” including making quick decisions based on little data; creating long-term plans based on past experience; making future predictions; and learning to interact, not just with humans but with other bots.

At the helm of such a visionary business, Chatrath, Kim and Tukiainen have raised £1.5m seed funding from Passion Capital, Amadeus Capital and Singapore’s Infocomm Investments, and tell us that they have attracted the attentions of plenty more investors who are eager to get involved.

With a team of skilled experts from around the world – which the founders describe as the business’ “strongest asset” – and its position as “the world’s first enterprise to focus exclusively on autonomous decision-making”, PROWLER.io looks set to revolutionise the already futuristic world of AI.

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