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Startups 100 Ranking: 11
Company name: Mindful Chef
Founded: 2015

Mindful Chef specialise in health-focused, mouth-watering recipe boxes straight to your door, filled with delicious ingredients from trusted UK suppliers

Pioneering and health-focused, Mindful Chef does exactly what it says on the tin: provides conscientious and healthy personalised recipe boxes filled with delicious, sustainably sourced ingredients to cook nutritionally balanced recipes.

The name itself promotes the ethos of the company, promoting a mindful attitude to all aspects of the business: the suppliers it chooses, the healthy ingredients it uses, and the impact it has on the environment – even going so far as to commit to being 100% plastic-free by the end of 2019. This conscientious company donates one school meal to a child living in poverty for each meal sold – an initiative that supports its recent certified B Corp status.

Mindful Chef accommodates a variety of dietary requirements, from gluten-free to vegan to flexitarian, and is also the first recipe-box brand to cater for single person households. This impressive résumé has not only attracted customer attention, but also that of prolific athletes such as Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton, partnering most recently with the English Institute of Sport.

This delicious start-up is certainly one that leads by example, and hopes to encourage its peers to be more socially conscious in the way they run their businesses too.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 12
Company name: Airsorted
Founded: 2015

The host management that does it all, so property owners can focus on earning money through sharing their homes on booking platforms

Short-letting can be a lot of hassle and there are many boxes to tick before a property is ready for rental: listing creation, property photography, setting nightly rates, guest communication – the list is endless.

Airsorted aims to take the stress out of short-letting by handling all of these initial tasks for hosts, providing a one-stop management service, co-ordinated by a dedicated account manager, that leaves them with more time and helps them to earn more from sharing their home.

What sets Airsorted apart from other management services is the technology behind its client interactions. Each host is given a unique dashboard tailored to act as a control centre for their property, where they can review bookings and earnings in addition to managing their preferences to ensure that Airsorted deliver the service that’s specific to them.

Using this technology-driven approach to streamline operations has developed Airsorted into a well-oiled machine, running with an efficiency that poses a daunting threat to competing organisations. To demonstrate this point, in the past four years, this start-up has expanded to operate across 22 cities worldwide, managing 4,200 properties, and maintaining low commission rates to ensure maximum returns and success for their property hosts.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 13
Company name: Cazoo
Founded: 2018

A transformative used car sales company, Cazoo removes the hassle of buying a car and strips the process back to revolve around one thing: the customer

Cazoo is on a mission to take the stress out of buying a used car, transforming the way in which people in the UK purchase them. Built on a strong foundation of transparency, trust and excellent customer service, Cazoo has done away with long trips for car viewings, high-pressure sales environments and haggling and compromise in exchange for a simpler, customer-focused sales process.

With no expensive surprises down the road, Cazoo offers home delivery and complete confidence in the quality of the car, due to a thorough inspection process, a seven-day free refund period and 12 months free warranty and roadside assistance.

Putting the customer first throughout the whole process, Cazoo is able to offer great value by eliminating dealerships and competitive sales teams, whilst still providing a huge selection of cars to choose from.

Customers can pick between a number of payment schemes dependent on a best fit approach, with purchase, finance or rental options available, making its products accessible to all.

Categorised as ‘the new kids on the block’, Cazoo occupies a promising space in this industry, sporting a customer-friendly ethos, backed by leading investors and led by a highly experienced management team.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 14
Company name: Echo
Founded: 2015

Convenient and completely free, Echo delivers NHS prescriptions straight to your door, making getting the right medication simpler than ever before

We’ve all experienced the hassle of trudging to the doctor just to request a repeat prescription…

With Echo, such trips are no longer a necessity. Sporting an ethos espousing the belief that health is all about people rather than the pills they take, this free and secure app allows customers to order NHS prescriptions and have them delivered free of charge.

Echo’s co-founders had long found the pharmacy system difficult and frustrating; as two individuals using medication to manage long-term conditions, they felt that something needed to change. Assembling an impressive team of doctors, pharmacists and developers, they worked hard to build something better.

Echo doesn’t only solve prescription woes, it also aims to address the fact that half of prescribed medication isn’t taken as directed, costing the NHS billions in waste each year. Through elegant, user-focused design and regular smart reminders, Echo’s mission is to remove the barriers to medication adherence while also empowering individuals to manage their own health care.

Having garnered an impressive array of awards and accolades, Echo has created a new kind of pharmacy – one that comes to you and not the other way around.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 15
Company name: Trint
Founded: 2016

Taking professionals beyond automated transcription, Trint uses AI to produce searchable, editable transcripts from audio and video files in minutes

Transcription is time-consuming and tedious work that few people like to do. But in a modern age it remains the sole way of transferring audio and visual files into usable content. This is where Trint is making waves.

As the world now communicates primarily through audio and video, Trint believes the value of the voice has never been greater. Using clever artificial intelligence systems, Trint is a platform where professionals can produce content, capturing and sharing the moments that matter.

With a fresh, user-friendly focus, Trint has built a strong foundation and reputation as a producer of innovative, necessary technology that can be deployed across multiple industries of varying sizes.

Trint is able to speed up workflow, reduce labour and make content accessible for those with hearing and sight disabilities. It sees itself as a new language for the 21st century, unlocking the voice-rich economy in which businesses now operate.

Launched in 2016, this start-up has grown exponentially and now operates across two global offices. Humble yet confident, Trint boasts a burgeoning collection of awards and is working to expand across the world, continuing to solve real, every-day problems for businesses.

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