Startups 100 2019: 16 to 20

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Startups 100 Ranking: 16
Company name: Patch
Founded: 2016

An online plant emporium, Patch is spreading an urban jungle through London by delivering beautiful botany straight to your door

In a world of grey concrete and luminescent electronic screens, Patch is injecting a burst of green into urban landscapes. This online plant shop is a dedicated space for Londoners who want to be able to buy and look after their plants with confidence.

Buying and owning plants can be daunting: there are so many choices and we’ve all had at least one experience where our optimistic commitment to plant maintenance has resulted in a forlorn and limp potted specimen languishing on the windowsill. At Patch, however, new plant owners can finally choose the right one for them with straightforward guides on how best to care for their new botanical best friend.

Providing ‘plant parenting’ video courses and ‘plant doctors’, Patch equip you with all of the right tools to be a green-fingered success, even taking the stress out of memorising the Latin names by replacing them with simpler ones like Rick, Toby or Rapunzel – some of the plants are even named after staff, friends and family.

After selling over 120,000 plants last year, Patch is on track to more than double their sales by promoting their urban jungles and spreading green goodness throughout London.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 17
Company name: Feast It
Founded: 2017

A marketplace platform, Feast It provides a space for customers to book unique catering from the very best suppliers on offer

Food and drink is always a pivotal part of any event and it is therefore crucial that organisers strike the perfect balance, serving delicious and memorable bites that appeal to all. Feast It is the company helping them to do just that.

Feast It is first and foremost a marketplace, connecting customers with the most exciting companies in food and drinks. Showcasing brands such as Bao, Honest Burger, Grind and Diageo, Feast It provides a space in which customers can book the perfect supplier for any occasion with just a few clicks.

Feast It is able to assist in the organisation of a number of events, ranging from small dinner parties to large festivals, feeding more than five million guests since launch. With a variety of cuisine on offer, many of which boast that tantalising Michelin Star, there’s something for everyone.

Feast It works with many independent businesses, helping to provide vital revenue as well as the promise of long-term growth. Custom payment plans are available and clients are also allocated a personal account manager, ensuring that their Feast It experience is truly bespoke.

No matter the occasion, Feast It has a supplier destined to set your guests’ taste buds tingling!

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Startups 100 Ranking: 18
Company name: Attest
Founded: 2015

Placing consumers at the heart of daily decision-making, this platform enables companies to engage directly with over 100 million consumers worldwide

Attest understands that great companies put consumers at the heart of every decision they make. That’s why they’ve made it their mission to ensure that consumer data is simple and easy to access for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Through beautiful interfaces, Attest is able to connect companies directly with consumers so that they can gain the most powerful, unique insights into consumer trends in under ninety seconds. Designed and built for anyone to use, Attest allows companies to request input from detailed consumer groups directly, democratising, demystifying and accelerating consumer intelligence.

This consumer growth platform empowers businesses and consumers by bringing both together seamlessly to enable them to work collaboratively in a faster, more direct and intuitive manner, replacing the need for speculative guesswork with easily attained data-based facts.

By utilising Attest, consumer-based companies are able to place real consumers into daily decision-making in a way that is respectful of both time and privacy, ensuring that their output reflects the desires of real customers, honouring a strong partnership between the two.

Armed with the belief that consumers hold the key to unlock the greatest growth opportunities, Attest aids in securing success whilst eradicating guesswork and bad data.

Startups 100 Ranking: 19
Company name: GoGram
Founded: 2017

Harness the power of Insta likes with GoGram, marketing software that helps users to manage and grow Instagram followers

In an environment where consumer engagement and approval is communicated through likes, Instagram is modern marketing in action. It is GoGram’s mission to help anyone interested in boosting their Instagram performance harness and utilise this platform in order to grow their account using unique, AI-powered marketing software.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers lead busy lives which can leave no room for an active Instagram feed, however GoGram’s automated service takes the stress out of regularly managing an account.

It allows individuals to follow and like targeted users through hashtags and geo-location services, whilst also analysing their target audience and account performance to achieve optimum results. Clever technology imitates human behaviour in order to secure follower engagement, operating within the boundaries of Instagram’s guidelines, meaning maximum exposure with no penalties or locks.

GoGram offers a series of features which allow users to effortlessly maintain their accounts, from answering follower enquiries to sending pre-set ‘Welcome Messages’ in Instagram Direct, promoting current products and campaign. Users are even able to post media and Instagram stories at specifically pre-scheduled times in order to maintain engagement.

GoGram guarantees that by sustaining an active presence on Instagram, users can convert virtual followers into real-life customers and real-life business.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 20
Company name: Tempo
Founded: 2017

Aiming to put the excitement and passion back into recruitment, Tempo is a comprehensive hiring platform that uses video and machine learning to match people with jobs

Recruitment isn’t just about filling a gap in a company’s staffing – rather, it’s the chance to inject new life, fresh eyes and a surge of energy to drive businesses onwards and upwards. On the other end, it’s an opportunity for candidates to apply their existing talents to different contexts as well as developing new skills and building positive relationships.

Despite this, the process has become cumbersome and tedious. Tempo is aiming to pick up the pace and change that. Using artificial intelligence and clever technology, Tempo is able to match candidates and roles through key information such as skills, experience and personal preferences.

Candidates are also able to upload profile videos that form part of their rich CV, enabling employers to see and hear applicants during the matching process. As a result of this, companies are able to save time previously taken up by screening and selection- in fact, Tempo’s fastest placement only took 27 minutes!

Once a match has been made, both employer and prospective employee are able to chat and arrange interviews as well as make and accept offers. Four times cheaper than traditional agencies, Tempo attracts high quality candidates and makes hiring great people fast, easy and affordable.

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