Startups 100 2019: 21 to 25

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Startups 100 Ranking: 21
Company name: PolyAI
Founded: 2017

PolyAI provides automated agents who are able to conduct conversations and solve problems, revolutionising customer support services

Harnessing the power of artificial technology, PolyAI is dedicated to using AI systems to simplify customer support. Having built advanced technology systems – which couple machine learning models with data collection methods in order to cut the cost paid by competitors – PolyAI is able to automate conversations between companies and their customers.

Their agents understand users and can hold conversations without becoming confused, programmed with the ability to understand any language that companies might require. This technology has been specifically designed to improve the efficiency and service delivery of both customer service teams and contact centres overall.

PolyAI’s automated agents deal with simple problems, allowing human resources to be redirected to more vital areas. If they encounter complex dilemmas, the agents are able to seamlessly redirect the customer through to an experienced human operator.

At its core, PolyAI consists of several teams of thoroughly experienced engineers, all of whom are focused on cracking the problem of good, intelligent and functional AI in customer service industries in order to increase efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Startups 100 Ranking: 22
Company name: WeGift
Founded: 2015

WeGift provides digital eGift Cards, delivering an easy and efficient way to incentivise, pay or reward individuals

Giftcards are a fantastic way to thank people or incentivise customers and employers. However, until now, the process of buying and physically sending them has been cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming. WeGift recognised that this was a problem and set out to change it.

Instead of a manual approach, WeGift is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to purchase and send Gift Cards in real-time across the world. It’s the first company to offer a service which allows customers to order, purchase, pay, reconcile and fulfil eGift Cards immediately through an attractive, easy to use portal.

WeGift’s mission is to ensure that the process of using a digital Gift Card retains the sparkle and excitement of giving (and receiving) a physical gift, including exclusive digital wrapping paper technology, as well as the option to add a personalised message, photo or video.

Operating in over 26 countries and 22 languages, WeGift is compatible with 20 currencies and is currently working with over 500 brand partners – it’s no surprise that it has already attracted hundreds of customers.

Startups 100 Ranking: 23
Company name: Trussle
Founded: 2015

Cutting through the red tape, Trussle is an online mortgage broker fighting for fairer mortgages for first-time buyers and under-represented homeowners

With unnecessary costs, delays and frustrations, securing a mortgage can sometimes seem like more of an ordeal than actually buying a house. Trussle is on a mission to ensure that the industry’s shortcomings don’t prevent people from fulfilling their dreams of becoming homeowners.

Trussle is helping first-time buyers and existing homeowners save time and money as well as fighting to make the process more transparent and accessible. Using data, Trussle designs new products to assist under-represented groups, like the self-employed, to make mortgages fair for them too. In addition, it’s introduced a free mortgage monitoring service that carries out continuous comparisons with the latest deals, alerting the client as soon as it makes sense for them to switch.

In the fight for fairer mortgages, Trussle places the customer at the centre of the experience, working on their behalf to make sure that they get the best deal they can – it even continues to monitor accounts to ensure that customers are never paying more than they should. Trussle are really shaking up the mortgage industry and are working with customers to build a fairer and easier system.

Startups 100 Ranking: 24
Company name: Lumen
Founded: 2018

Dating apps aren’t just for the younger generation; Lumen is specifically aimed at individuals who are over 50

Until recently, the world of digital dating for over 50s has been limited to dating sites. however Lumen’s new free app is changing that.

As the first app-only solution to be designed for this age group, Lumen boasts a number of features especially designed for its target audience, such as photo-verification and AI supported age confirmation, as well as in-app support to help members improve their profiles. Users can also upgrade to Lumen Premium to access extra bonus features.

Lumen acts as much more than just a dating app, and is on a mission to tackle loneliness through the inclusion of a group chat function on topics such as film, TV and gardening. In addition to this, Lumen is actively working against ageism, questioning the lack of over 50s in marketing campaigns and has instigated an international debate about the lack of this imagery.

Lumen treats over 50s like real adults, challenging the perception of them as out of touch with the modern world, making sure to use imagery of real over 50s in their marketing. This start-up is eager to empower its target audience to make the most of modern technology and use it to their advantage.

Startups 100 Ranking: 25
Company name: Dozens
Founded: 2018

Combining a current account, smart budgeting tool and investment manager in one app, Dozens is a new home for your money

In contrast to other banks who reward customers for spending rather than saving, Dozens was created to make saving easier and more profitable for all.

As the offspring of Project Imagine, an e-money institution and investment firm, Dozens boasts an impressive full-featured app and is the perfect new home for your money. Offering cash rewards for good financial behaviour, Dozens brings together a current account as well as a smart budgeting tool and an investment manager.

Dozens benefits from an extremely experienced leadership team, having been founded by Aritra Chakravarty, who spent 13 years working with HSBC in a variety of departments. Chakravarty’s team is also refreshingly diverse, consisting of a number of individuals from non-finance backgrounds as well as being 65% women-led.

Dozens aims to drive innovation in financial services and has already received generous backing from financial players. It aims to take users on a journey from spender to saver to investor, and places the customer at the centre of the experience, assisting them in making smart financial decisions.

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