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Startups 100 Ranking: 26
Company name: Ravelin
Founded: 2014

Ravelin is fighting crime with their fraud risk analysis software, designed to empower merchants to protect their businesses

Fraud is a big risk for both small and large businesses, Ravelin has been created to solve this.

Based on the founder’s own experiences, Ravelin was built using improved technology to detect and prevent fraud. It uses machine learning models to score each customer interaction, using link analysis and behavioural analytics to build a complete picture of a shopper’s risk profile.

Ravelin uses automated detection to spot signals of genuine and suspicious activity that most conventional fraud solutions miss. It also offers 3D secure authentication as a complete toolkit, empowering merchants whilst keeping fraud rates low.

Ravelin provide a bespoke service, building models based on specific data from the client and working alongside them to establish a balance between stopping bad transactions and allowing legitimate ones to go through. Ravelin also provide each client with their own dedicated analyst as an extra layer of support, recruiting those with experience in crime fighting and data collection.

Whether clients opt for the full security package or just a specific element, Ravelin are dedicated to ensuring that their service is tailored to the individual needs of the customer and is being used in the best way for the individual or business.

Startups 100 Ranking: 27
Company name: Goodlord
Founded: 2014

Goodlord is an online platform which encourages simplicity and flexibility during the pre-tenancy process, minimising hassle for all involved

Dedicated to delivering the best rental experience in the world, Goodlord is an online platform which provides a pre-tenancy process for increased simplicity, flexibility, transparency and compliance for everyone involved. In an industry that is fast-changing, agents are faced with the abolishment of tenant fees and other legislation; Goodlord is helping agents adjust to this by enabling them to cut costs but not corners, boosting revenue, being more compliant and providing the best customer experience possible.

Goodlord boasts a number of advantageous benefits, easily digitising processes such as tenancy agreements, creation of offer letters as well as offering services such as e-signing and e-payments. In addition, Goodlord facilitates the sale of additional products to agents such as tenant move-in services like broadband, media and energy. It also reduces administrative costs while increasing conversion.

Led by serial entrepreneur, William Reeve, Goodlord consists of an experienced team, including world-class engineers as well as a large customer-facing team to support the various needs of clients. They are passionate about encouraging regular dialogue with their users in order to build agents’ brands and provide additional revenue stream to promote a culture of success.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 28
Company name: GoodBox
Founded: 2016

GoodBox makes it easy for charities to incorporate technology into their fundraising process, allowing individuals the easy option of tapping to give

Recent research has shown that charities are working at a severe disadvantage in comparison to the corporate sector when it comes to using digital tools. Founded upon this, and the insight that the modern cashless society is having a negative impact on charities’ ability to fundraise, GoodBox have successfully developed the world’s best and most efficient digital donation platform.

A tech company built to do good, GoodBox have developed a suit of contactless donation points designed to empower non-profit organisations to keep pace in a fast-moving, tech-driven world. Using powerful data analytics, charities are able to maximise their fundraising, allowing individuals to donate with just a few taps.

Until recently, many charities using technology had done so by repurposing and re-formatting contactless devices used in the corporate world. However, GoodBox provides custom-built devices, bespoke for the charity sector, boasting features such as the ability to Gift Aid contactless donations – the first contactless provider for charities to do so.

It is GoodBox’s mission to ensure that third sector companies aren’t held back by inefficient technology, but rather use it to the very best of its ability. It is their aim that when it comes to technology, charities should never have to settle.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 29
Company name: MyTutor
Founded: 2014

Aiming to ensure all children get the education they deserve, MyTutor is a convenient, online one-to-one tutoring service with lessons tailored to each pupil

High quality education should be easily available for all and this is something that MyTutor are passionate about. An online learning platform, MyTutor’s vision is to bring life-changing tuition to all, making it accessible and affordable to parents, schools and their children. MyTutor works with tutors handpicked from top UK universities and has partnered with over 300 schools, supporting pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to boost their academic achievements as well as their confidence

MyTutor works online with pupils from all walks of life, helping them to improve their grades and academic achievements. They understand that family life can be hectic and have therefore developed an online model where lessons are held via live videos, whenever and wherever is convenient for pupils and parents. Their website is designed to assist students in finding a tutor they get along with, and each lesson is tailored to their specific needs.

MyTutor has earned a Trustpilot rating of 9.4/10 and this is down to the fact that their pupils demonstrate twice the progress of their peers as well as an 80% increase in confidence. MyTutor go above and beyond to ensure that all young people achieve the results they truly deserve.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 30
Company name: Cudoni
Founded: 2017

Cudoni is an online marketplace where individuals can sell and buy previously owned luxury goods with just a click of a button

Selling and buying luxury goods can be a tricky, time-consuming process. Sometimes, photographing, describing, pricing and listing goods can take hours with no guarantee of a secure sale and increased risk of counterfeits and lack of trust from buyers. Cudoni is the only marketplace in Europe purpose-built for those who wish to sell or buy their luxury goods in a convenient, simple way.

Cudoni take care of everything, from in-house collection through to professional photography, listing and fulfilment. This online platform uses a model which allows then to extract higher returns for sellers than if they were to sell elsewhere, as well as ensuring faster dispatch and delivery for buyers, in addition to fairer, consistent pricing.

Cudoni encourages sustainable living through the re-sale of luxury goods and is therefore growing at an exponential rate. Their success is also aided by the attractive time-saving element of the platform and the backing received from major publications and investors.

Having sold more than 15,000 products over 60 countries in 2018, Cudoni are set to more than double this in 2019. Looking to the future, it is their intent to become the global leader in resale, ensuring that everyone involved gets a better deal.

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