Startups 100 2019: 31 to 35

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Startups 100 Ranking: 31
Company name: Birdie
Founded: 2017

Birdie is an efficient and innovative care app which enables carers to manage the health and well-being of elderly patients

Following the decline of his grandfather’s health, Max Parmentier was inspired to develop a solution to management of elderly care. Birdie was born, endeavouring to disrupt the elderly care sector.

Described as a ‘digital care companion’, Birdie uses home-connected devices and machine learning to help the care community deliver better preventative care so that loved ones can live at home for longer. Door sensors track behaviour and highlight anything that could signal physical or emotional distress, as well as deploying help instantly should a love one have a fall.

Care-givers can access the system through an app which tracks the health and wellbeing of their elderly patient. It enables them to check in, document and share medical information directly with clinicians, in addition to notifying family members when a carer has come or gone. Birdie optimises care by saving time and reducing paperwork. Using analytics, it provides actionable real-time data that means issues can be dealt with before they become serious or life-threatening.

It is Birdie’s aim to become the alternative to care homes, improving quality of life for both the elderly and their families, as well as alleviating the current pressure on public health services.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 32
Company name: Gadget Discovery Club
Founded: 2018

This unique subscription box provides customers with a new lifestyle gadget every month, helping them to ‘level up’ in one area of their life

Overall, technology has made certain areas of life much easier with the development of intelligent solutions and innovative design, however there are some persistent, nagging everyday problems that seem to defy all attempts at resolution. Gadget Discovery Club seeks out handy solutions to these issues and sends them straight to your door.

Using its own electronics brand, Gadget Discovery Club works directly with manufacturers to create unique products that appeal to a wide market audience. It also collaborates with better value brands in order to offer value-for-money products. Customers can expect to discover a variety of technology from Smarthome Devices to wearable tech and Smartphone gadgets. Examples of its innovative discoveries include a travel adaptor that is compatible in every major country and can charge up to five devices at once as well as a powerbank that automatically charges itself, removing the need to charge your phone and your powerbank too.

Gadget Discovery Club has rapidly become the leading subscription box in this category, allowing customers to explore a range of products and offering the opportunity for them to level up their lifestyle in simple, yet exciting, ways.

Startups 100 Ranking: 33
Company name: H2O Hygiene Ltd
Founded: 2017

Putting water safety first, H2O Hygiene is all about offering vital services to customers to ensure their water is healthy and complies with all requirements

Water is a fundamental resource, and ensuring that it is clean and healthy is a top priority. H20 Hygiene’s primary business is doing just that. Its main objective is to ensure water safety for all of its clients whilst also maintaining the very best customer service.

H20 Hygiene deals with one-off enquiries, but is also dedicated to establishing and maintaining long-term working relationships with clients, tailoring facilities to any set requirements. It also offers a number of services including Legionella risk assessment and control as well as water sampling and contract monitoring. It makes sure that all customers benefit from the experience, knowledge and expertise within the business.

H20 Hygiene was founded by Tom and Louise Davenport. It was a huge risk for Tom to quit his job, especially as the sole earner with a young baby to provide for, but ever since launch in 2017, H20 Hygiene has gone from strength to strength. In only 15 months, H20 Hygiene has secured a turnover of £1m, making a healthy profit. Due to its success, it now employs 26 staff with over 100 years combined industry experience, recognised business accreditations and several esteemed awards between them.

Startups 100 Ranking: 34
Company name: Senseye
Founded: 2014

Senseye is a specialised maintenance product which uses predictive data to ensure machine health and efficiency

Popular with numerous maintenance teams already, Senseye is a cloud-based product which aims to halve unplanned machine downtime and increase maintenance efficiency. This money-saving system cuts costs by using machine-learning predictive algorithms to forecast machine failure and calculate remaining useful life, achieving a typical return on investment of less than 3 months.

Senseye uses advanced technology which automates the analysis of detection, diagnostics and prognostics, providing teams on the shop floor with accurate and relevant machine health insights. In addition, it is specifically engineered, requiring no customisation or extensive set up. Rather, training typically takes less than an hour and in some cases, actionable results are available in just 14 days. Not only does Senseye cut costs, but also saves time too.

The team at Senseye is bolstered by experienced individuals whose expertise matured in the Aerospace and Defence industries. Its used this to lead the growth of Senseye to over 15,000 machines globally, assisting multiple Fortune 500 organisations across a variety of sectors and helping them to save tens of millions of dollars.

Startups 100 Ranking: 35
Company name: Floom Ltd.
Founded: 2016

Floom is an online florist where customers can view and select stunning bouquets from local independent businesses and have them delivered on the same day

There’s nothing better than sending a fresh, beautiful bouquet of flowers to a loved one, except from having a whole online floral marketplace to choose that bouquet from. Floom does just that, bringing together a specially curated selection of local, independent florists to help you select the perfect flowers for any occasion.

Using technology, Floom has integrated software into its online market network to simplify the process of finding and purchasing from the florist that best suits the customer. Clients can view their bouquet online, secure in the knowledge that what they see on their screen is exactly what will be sent. All orders are then professionally arranged, wrapped and delivered on the same day with a thoughtful hand-written card.

Floom is passionate about supporting local florists and works with only the most talented artists, placing them at the heart of its activities. Its mission is to nurture and support their needs whilst using the online platform in order to encourage their businesses to grow, spreading their flowers throughout the local community.

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