Startups 100 2019: 36 to 40

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Startups 100 Ranking: 36
Company name: Quorso
Founded: 2016

Digesting valuable business data, Quorso arms managers with actionable business insights to improve activity at a local level

Despite being on the frontline, many managers are out of the business loop with a lack of insight tying their hands and limiting their ability to make a difference. Quorso aims to change that by providing them with crucial data and actionable insights to improve their performance at a local level.

Managers no longer need to pore over numerous complicated spreadsheets but can instead access live information so that they can make an immediate, lasting impact. Quorso is designed to look and feel like an app so that it is easy to use, digesting and condensing data down and delivering relevant recommendations to improve efficiency and output.

Quorso has already experienced success, attracting big names such as National Express, who have already seen good returns on their investment by taking advantage of the opportunity to tackle entrenched productivity challenges. Quorso also helps managers to share best practice with their employees so that all levels of business can flourish.

Quorso is technology for people, not instead of them, and is all about making them more brilliant at what they do, uniting frontline managers with boardroom objectives.

Startups 100 Ranking: 37
Company name: Attachment
Founded: 2017

Reframing working with entertainment talent. Attachment is an entertainment company that works with talent, brand collaborations, brand licensing and ventures

Attachment creates deeper connections in music and entertainment, making it easier for the industry to create greater and more authentic brand collaborations and Partnerships. This is how the are becoming the fastest growing and most exciting entertainment agency in Europe.

Gaining recognition as a promising start-up on the 2018 Startups List, Attachment is making waves. It’s already formed connections with brand clients such as Google, Airbnb, ASOS, and Unilever, developing its own licensed products, as well as working with festivals to create impressive campaigns.

Relationships are at the centre of Attachment’s business model, and it prides itself on this approach which has attracted names such as James Corden, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga and many more. Its underlying ethos of transparency makes them an appealing choice for many clients wanting to gain access to such individuals and who want to become involved in music and entertainment.

Assisting fellow start-ups is also a priority for Attachment, and it strives to connect small businesses with big names in order to forge lasting connections. On top of other favourable qualities, the fact that it’s the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective route into the industry is the cherry on top of the cake.

Startups 100 Ranking: 38
Company name: Brand Advance
Founded: 2018

Brand Advance is an inclusive media network and provides a centralised place for companies to reach diversity on a large scale

In a shifting world where diversity is an asset, Brand Advance works with agencies and brands to help them engage customers from all walks of life. An inclusive media network, its mission is to extend the reach of companies, as well as serving diverse communities positively.

Brand Advance has created an online digital network of over 350 publishers and platforms, reaching a daily audience of 200 million users and connecting with individuals across all diversity strands including, BAME, LGBTQ+, GenZ, Female Empowerment, Disability, Elderly and many more.

Historically, brands and their agencies have experienced ever-increasing difficulty in reaching all corners of society. Working with clients such as Google and Amazon, as well as agency groups including Dentsu Aegis and Omnicom Media Group, Brand Advance provides direct access to a diverse landscape of cultures and communities, helping to solve this problem.

It is Brand Advance’s passion to encourage clients to embrace the changes within society, allowing them to engage with diversity in a genuine and innovative way as well as ensuring representation for these diverse communities and increasing engagement.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 39
Company name: Panaseer
Founded: 2014

The safety measure around the safety measure, Panaseer improves the strength of cyber security using continuous monitoring across all digital systems

In the modern age, cyber security is as essential as CCTV, however it is just as important to ensure the systems businesses put in place are as robust as they can be. This is where Panaseer steps in. Panaseer is a platform which tests cyber security across company systems, highlighting gaps and areas for improvement.

Panaseer offers a data-driven view of cyber hygiene which empowers security departments to improve the efficiency of internal processes and data trust. Using a unified data model, Panaseer allows a consolidation of analytics and data, something that competing companies have struggled to achieve. In addition, enterprises can track improvements in their security cyber posture, allowing them to effectively identify the return on investment of the systems they have in place.

Panaseer clients recognise the exceptional quality of the customer service provided, resulting from the carefully constructed customer engagement model Panaseer have adopted. This includes prompt response to frequent user queries and requests, guaranteeing customer success.

Panaseer is a vital layer of protection against cyber security threats and allows companies to identify risk and prioritise efforts to address gaps. It also monitors progress with campaigns, whilst validating existing control investments.

Startups 100 Ranking: 40
Company name: Feedr
Founded: 2017

Feedr helps employees to energise their employees with mouthwatering food from the best of London’s independent eateries

Lunch is often the highlight of the day and Feedr would agree with this. Founded by two female entrepreneurs with a passion for food, nutrition and wellbeing, Feedr is on a mission to help Londoners eat more healthily during the working day using smart technology.

Feedr provides employee meals that use simple, clean and honest ingredients, transparent food chains and eco-friendly packaging. By working with the most interesting independent food providers, Feedr has grown exponentially and continues to expand as more businesses recognise the value in providing employees with delicious and nutritious meals.

Having already attracted the likes of Airbnb, Etsy and PwC, Feedr offers limited menus based on data which predicts what customers want to eat more of. This allows them to control stock levels whilst tailoring food choices to their customers’ preferences.

Feedr aims to help companies deliver perks to their employees that will make a real difference in their day-to-day lives, boosting their wellbeing. This is an alternative perk to add to a workplace in an age where mental wellbeing is a topic of hot conversation. it is Feedr’s mission to energise consumers with delectable meals from the best eateries London has to offer.

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