Startups 100 2019: 41 to 45

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Startups 100 Ranking: 41
Company name: Debut
Founded: 2015

A recruitment platform like no other, Debut connects employers with relevant, diverse, high-quality student and graduate talent

Finding a job from university can be nerve-wracking and challenging, both for the graduates and recruitment teams. Debut is the digital recruitment platform determined to turn this on its head and simplify graduate recruitment.

Available as an app and a website, Debut consists of over 150,000 student profiles, giving recruiters access to a wide pool of potential candidates. Enabling graduate recruiters to create cost-effective and unbiased attraction campaigns, Debut connects employers to relevant talent pipelines using ‘Talent Spots’, a feature that also makes real-time engagement possible.

On the student end, Debut takes the pain out of application processes by sending opportunities to them through Talent Spots, as well as introducing them to companies and roles they may not have considered before. In addition, graduates can use the ‘Instant Apply’ feature, sending job applications off with a tap of their finger.

Debut was created to solve recruitment issues such as tight budgets, limited resources, irrelevant applications and low candidate engagement; it does that and more. Enabling recruiters to reach all universities across the UK, it can connect with relevant candidates in a matter of seconds, combining traditional talent attraction methods on a mobile-first, digital engagement platform.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 42
Company name: Shepper
Founded: 2016

Specialising in smart asset checks, Shepper provides inspections on-demand

In a world where Google can provide most information with the click of a button, Shepper really stands out. This startup appreciates that technology has brought many advantages to enterprise, but acknowledges that we still operate in the real world and as such need physical assurances too.

Shepper is an inspection company with a difference: instead of using digital methods to collect information, Shepper sends real people to real locations in order to check on assets and collect vital information and data. Having built a strong network of local, trusted people, Shepper is able to provide results fast in addition to driving down costs for clients.

Although working from a centralised location, Shepper is geographically diverse, even supporting clients internationally. They have completed inspections in over 30 countries worldwide, without compromising on the speed with which they deliver results and maintaining their impressive turnaround.

The first organisation to use a network-based solution to provide inspection services, Shepper prides itself on delivering digital, actionable, real-time data to clients, which other providers struggle to do. Not only this, but they boast a dedicated team filled with bright and entrepreneurial individuals determined to achieve Shepper’s ambitious growth plans.

Startups 100 Ranking: 43
Company name: Big Youth Group
Founded: 2018

Big Youth Project is a youth-first business that helps young people defy the odds and achieve their full potential

Big Youth Group really does believe that children are the future and as a result is committed to investing in the potential of all young people. Dedicated to improving the odds for youths all over the world, Big Youth Group has created a network where young people can access opportunities to achieve the impossible.

Using its business platform and app, myFuture, Big Youth Group has created a space where young people can connect with opportunities through enterprise, education and employment to learn, up-skill and connect, adding to their life-skills and providing them with opportunities they might otherwise have never had. The marketplace provides a safe, secure and vibrant community for young people and initiatives dedicated to supporting their development.

With over 1200 ambassadors, 1.7 million young people and 200+ brands committed to the mission, Big Youth Group is fast becoming the largest and most influential global youth movement dedicated to helping individuals aged 18-30 achieve great things. Its ambition is to expand further, pledging to change the lives of five million young people worldwide by 2025 through their unique marketplace.

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Startups 100 Ranking: 44
Company name: Home Made
Founded: 2016

Matching great landlords with great tenants, Home Made offers transparency in asset management and the tenancy process

Offering an alternative to traditional lettings agencies, Home Made is all about matching great tenants with great landlords as well as offering 24-hour property management. Using technology to maximise efficiency and drive down costs, Home Made ensures that the service they deliver is consistently exceptional.

Through its marketing dashboard, clients are provided with complete transparency and a number of features that make for a painless process. Landlords can access advertising statistics and use algorithms to assist them in setting correct market prices. The platform also provides an archive to store compliance documents, as well as giving clients regular updates on the administrative process. In addition, Home Made is the first of its kind offering protective measures against illegal activity like sub-letting, protecting client’s property interests.

Home Made prides itself on exceptional customer service, providing late night viewings and allocating a specific account manager for landlords, as well as offering unique communication methods such as Whatsapp For Business and a 24/7 call centre. It also possesses a diverse team dedicated to providing excellent customer service, leaving them well placed to achieve their fundamental objective: to become the most trusted real estate provider in London.

If you want to become a landlord, Home Made might be perfect for you.

Startups 100 Ranking: 45
Company name: Hazy
Founded: 2017

Hazy generates safe-to-use synthetic data that works as a ‘drop-in’ replacement for real technological innovation

Algorithmic models form the basis of many start-up businesses however their success can only be validated through processing of data to ensure that systems are functional. Hazy produces synthetic data that can be used safely to aid innovation, without comprising customer privacy and confidentiality as would occur if real data sets were used.

In order to provide companies with data that is as close to real life as possible, Hazy captures patterns in raw data to generate completely synthetic ‘hazy’ product that maintains the statistical properties of real data and therefore can be safely used for analytics without the additional risk-factor. As a by-product, synthetic data can also be used to improve risk modelling by augmenting the training data that goes into them with synthetic product to balance the scales.

The data that Hazy provides can be used in a variety of contexts from data analytics to testing and training, meaning that companies can unlock their data for innovation freely with safer and faster provision. The fact that synthetic data closely mimics the real deal means that companies can confidently use it to train machine learning models, whilst also expanding innovation in a hypothetical sphere.

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