100. Careology

Careology is a digital service for cancer patients in a world where health services are in trouble and in need of new ideas

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Founder: Paul Landau
Founded: 2018
Website: careology.health

Cancer diagnoses are incredibly hard for patients and their families to accept and manage. The treatment process, however, is even made even more painful if sufficient patient support is unavailable.

Careology founder Paul Landau knows this is an all too common occurrence in the care sector, having supported his wife through cancer treatment previously.

With his spouse’s experience in mind, Paul drew on 15 years of experience as a health-tech professional and set out to create a digital service for cancer patients with the goal of keeping them connected, informed and safe throughout the treatment process. Careology now provides support for people suffering from 30 different types of cancer.

Careology provides support for people suffering from 30 different types of cancer

Endorsed by Macmillan, the Careology app empowers cancer patients by giving them the ability to manage specific and crucial parts of their treatment from inside their own homes, and connects patients with friends, family and other caregivers.

The platform also makes it easier for those with cancer to perform important aspects of treatment such as reporting side effects of certain medications and keeping track of general patient wellbeing.

Careology's digital platform currently boasts a 4.7/5 rating on the App Store

Additionally, the remote monitoring dashboard Careology Professional (subscriptions to which fund the service) aids hospital professionals with tasks like tracking patient adherence to medication plans and reducing the chance that important issues won’t be spotted early enough.

This year, Careology reported a 97% engagement rate with professionals using the service and the digital platform currently boasts a 4.7/5 rating on the App Store.

Since early 2020, Covid-19 has caused treatment delays and wreaked havoc across the care sector. But this just makes Careology’s core mission – to make one very difficult process more comfortable for those at the very heart of it – all the more important.

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