People’s Champion finalist 2017: Attest

Brands including M&C Saatchi and Deliveroo have bought into this data intelligence start-up. Does it have your vote for People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: Attest
Founders: Jeremy King and Tony Hunter
Started in: May 2015
Based in: London
Business description: Specialist in market and brand intelligence to help businesses make better commercial decisions.

Shortlisted category:

Product Business of the Year

The Attest story:

The need for data analysis and insights has never been greater; acting as a crucial tool for agile businesses in their decision-making processes.

Enter Attest.

Offering brand intelligence and on-demand market intelligence through its Consumer Insight Platform and bespoke marketing platform, Attest enables companies to gather feedback from the exact audience they want, at any time they need.

Brands can see results in real-time and Attest’s analytics dashboard makes it easy to view key insights.

The company promises to get results back to brands, from 100% customised or nationally representative groups of 1,000+ UK consumers in under 24 hours.

Backed by $3.1m from angels and VCs including Oxford Capital and Episode 1, founders Jeremy King and Tony Hunter ‘attest’ that their product gives companies “an immediate edge which traditional market research and existing data tools can’t give them”.

The end result for brands? Better products and services, less failures, faster growth and higher valuations.

Having grown headcount to 17 since launch in May 2015, Attest’s client portfolio is also ballooning. Brands using Attest include M&C Saatchi, Deliveroo, Twitter, Unilever, Fever-Tree, Just Giving, Nutmeg, and carwow. Tonic brand Fever Tree, for instance, uses Attest, to pre-screen its adverts.

Client and staff numbers aren’t the only KPIs that evidence growth for the tech start-up. Between June to mid-August 2017, the company witnessed a traffic increase of 305%, a 1,811% increase in leads, and a 182% increase in revenue.

What’s next for Attest? Turner and King say the business is “set on a solid foundation for even bigger things in 2018.”

Why Attest made our shortlist:

Attests marketing slogan reads “if you’re not winning market share, you’re losing it” and in today’s fast-moving digital space, this is evidently true. Every company wants to be more data-driven and Attest is enabling businesses to achieve this with products to measure, manage and maximise their brand’s potential.

With traffic, engagement numbers and its pipeline of leads exploding, it seems like this is just the beginning for Attest.

Where to find out more about Attest:

Twitter:  @AskAttest

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