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People’s Champion finalist 2017: Leadstream

Helping UK consumers get access to advice about financial services products, does this tech start-up have your support for People’s Champion 2017?

Start-up name: Leadstream
Founders: Matthew Milnes and Michael Hubbard
Started in: November 2014
Based in: Hampshire
Business description: Specialist in online customer acquisition for financial services companies

Shortlisted category:

Service Business of the Year

The Leadstream story:

With an overarching objective to bridge the large under-protection gap in the UK, LeadStream has embraced technology to streamline the connection between insurance brokers and potential customers.

Founded by Young Guns Matthew Milnes and Michael Hubbard, Leadstream delivers hot key transfers and booked appointments for prospective customers who are genuinely interested in making a purchase. It then connects these customers to the broker or IFA that they are most suited too.

The service is a win-win for financial services companies and their customers. For companies, Leadstream increases return on investment and offers an estimated 42% conversion rate, alongside improved contact rates, while the customers that it passes over to the brokers get a more reliable service, with time-saving benefits and better customer service.

Grown organically to date and boasting seven-figure monthly revenues, the start-up has also created its own data management, reporting and sales system to process leads and receive conversion and sales data in real-time.

Due to the complexity and combinations of the data it works with, the company claims competitors are unable to offer a similar product.

Focused on financial services with specific markets in mortgage and re-mortgage and debt management, amongst others, it is Leadstream’s online customer acquisition with life insurance that has really taken off.

Over the past 10 months alone, its life insurance lead sales have grown by 12% month-on-month – exceeding KPIs.

This growth mirrors its headcount with team numbers having inflated from just three staff in 2015 to 50 staff in 2017.

Why Leadstream made our shortlist:

In an industry screaming out for innovation, Leadstream has come up with a unique approach which provides a superior product for brokers.

This unique selling point is matched by its fast growth; between January to November 2016 buyer numbers increased by 300% and each day the company sees around 1,700 enquiries through its website QuoteSearch.

Where to find out more about Leadstream:

Website:  www.leadstream.co.uk
Twitter:  @LeadStreamLeads


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