Matthew Milnes and Michael Hubbard: Leadstream UK

The lead generation service for financial services delivering prospects who are “genuinely interested in making a purchase”

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Matthew Milnes and Michael Hubbard, 29 & 31
Leadstream UK

For financial services, investing time and cash in customer acquisition is imperative; but it’s easy to waste this time and cash chasing dead-end leads.

Founded by Matthew Milnes and Michael Hubbard in 2014 and featured among the top 100 start-ups in the country, Leadstream UK is the company that gets prospects on the phone that “want to hear from you”.

The company delivers hot key transfers and booked appointments for potential customers that are genuinely interested in making a purchase, supplying leads for specific markets including life insurance, mortgage and re-mortgage and debt management amongst others.

Leadstream claims to be one of the only lead generation providers that not only verifies the customers details and product interest but uses real-time feedback from its 92 brokers to help monitor and amend the leads they supply.

This ensures that the brokers are connected to the customers that work best for their sales processes and products, maximising their performance and helping consumers access products they have a genuine need for. This results in higher transaction values, better contact rates and an estimated 42% conversion rate.

It’s an approach that’s clearly working: buyer numbers increased by an impressive 300% between January and November 2016 and each day the company sees around 1,700 enquiries through its client facing website QuoteSearch.

The reviews aren’t too shabby either: 1,862 four and five-star reviews on As the company says: “We’ve lost patience with the old ways so we’re doing things differently, optimising your lead supply to increase your sales. And it works”.

The next couple of years will see Leadstream diversify its range of products by expanding into other insurance-specific sectors and developing into business to business (B2B) lead generation.

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