Morgan Tillbrook: Alpha FX

The foreign exchange specialist helping the likes of ASOS, Magimix and Jamie Oliver outperform their competition rather than the currency markets

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Morgan Tillbrook, 34
Company: Alpha FX

Making decisions driven by speculation can lead to poor results, yet even the most sensible businesses can be drawn to distracting currency forecasts or the belief in an ‘optimal rate’.

Founded in 2009 by Morgan Tillbrook, Alpha FX helps its clients maintain greater control over the impact volatile exchange rates can have on profit margins, cash flow and competitive trading by developing hedging strategies that align their currency purchasing decisions to their commercial objectives.

Tillbrook started Alpha after noticing that the foreign exchange industry cared little for the consequences of businesses’ transactions and set out to design a service that could help clients in that essential but under-served area: the decision-making process.

The company has attracted over 340 medium-sized to large corporate clients in the UK including ASOS, Jamie Oliver, Holland & Barrett, Magimix, and Hornby, helping them to navigate the stormy waters of the foreign exchange market and achieve their commercial objectives.

“Ultimately”, Tillbrook states, “we help businesses that want to outperform their competition, not the currency market”.

Going by the company’s recent figures, it’s an approach that seems to be working. Alpha has grown circa 70% year-on-year in the last three years, with transactions totalling £1.8bn in 2016, and in April, the business floated on the London Stock Exchange with a market cap that currently stands at £172m.

While Alpha may shun speculation in favour of a more formal approach, we think it’s safe to speculate that Tillbrook and his team are on course to become one of the biggest names in foreign exchange.

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