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The men’s grooming subscription service seeking to enable the automation of men’s bathrooms…

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Oliver Bridge, 28

Cornerstone founder Oliver Bridge’s awards cabinet is likely to make other founders green with envy.

Consecutively listed in the esteemed Startups 100 index and twice-named Startups Awards People’s Champion, now the time has come for Bridge to add another accolade to his name; the title of Young Gun – though this is one title he can only earn once!

A men’s grooming subscription service, Cornerstone is working to bring “shaving into the 21st century”. Its mission is to upset the monopoly of the one big player in the category and “take them down”. Fighting talk from young entrepreneur Bridge, but, as evidenced by his success over the last three years, not to be baulked at.

The platform operates by enabling consumers to submit details on how often they shave and what products they would like and then sends its users a regular package of German-engineered razors and British-blended skincare products straight to their door. Users have full control of their Cornerstone plan and can cancel, pause, and skip or change their order at any time.

The platform currently has over 145,000 subscription members in the UK and continues to innovate and create new products – its latest razor was launched in April 2017 – to stay ahead of rivals.

Having raised £3.5m at the beginning of August 2017, bringing total investment into the company to £8m, Cornerstone is now set to significantly expand its range. This will include the addition of everything from vitamins to dental care and even hair wax; all part of its aim to enable men to buy all the toiletries they could possibly need via Direct Debit.

Boasting 11% month-on-month growth, Bridge’s ambition to sell the business for £100m by 2020 looks well within grasp.

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