People’s Champion finalist 2017: Medshr

Developed by doctors for doctors, this app offers a secure private network for medical professionals to share their knowledge. Is it your People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: Medshr
Founders: Dr Asif Qasim and Jude Venn
Started in: March 2014 (launched October 2015)
Based in: London
Business description: App for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases

Shortlisted categories:

Founders Pledge Social Impact Award, Innovative Business of the Year, App of the Year

The Medshr story:

Did you know that, every week, more than 70% of medical students and doctors share clinical cases by text, instant messaging and over social media? These case discussions are often made on insecure channels, often include images that patients haven’t consented to be shared, and are unstructured and unsearchable.

To tackle this issue, consultant cardiologist Dr Asif Qasim and software specialist Jude Venn came together to create a safe and secure solution for the medical industry.

Their answer comes in the form of an app and desktop site; Medshr.

Determined to provide a safe and secure space for verified medical professionals to connect and share knowledge and learning of clinical cases, Medshr launched in October 2015 and now has over 300,0000 members in 180 countries.

Unlike standard messaging platforms used by doctors and medical students, Medshr’s professional network keeps patient information invisible with all cases anonymous – while members can use the mobile-app to get consent from patients to share images.

Beyond that, all images and media are securely cloud stored with no images stored on the user’s device. Importantly, MedShr members are also able to determine who can see and discuss their cases.

As its membership continues to grow – over 1,000 new members join the app every day – so do case discussions with thousands created each week, increasing the learning opportunities available to its membership.

A first for the industry, Medshr – which now has a team of 20 working for it – has won a number of impressive titles and accolades so far including Facebook Startup App of the Year for Social Good and Rising Star at Founders’ Forum New York.

Brands have also been keen to partner with the medtech start-up and it has recently announced partnerships with the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Doctors of the World, and NHS trusts.

Why Medshr made our shortlist:

Nominated for not one but three categories for the Startups Awards 2017, Medshr’s app and website is helping to save lives by enabling medical professionals and health practitioners to share their knowledge and improve patient care quickly and securely.

Having recently began working with local health economies to support peer-to-peer learning between hospital doctors, general practitioners and healthcare practitioners, the start-up has already supported more informed decision-making, which is ultimately saving local hospitals and GPs time and money.

Where to find out more about Medshr

Twitter:  @medshronline

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