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Innovative Business of the Year 2017: Meet the finalists

Read on to find out who has made the cut for Innovative Business, featuring darts, alcoholic sweets, food delivery and medtech…


EatFirst is a premium online restaurant that creates healthy, quality meals for delivery. It now offers over 100 different dishes and has delivered more than 300,00 meals to date. Available from 11am to 10pm seven days a week, every item is freshly prepared daily in one of its kitchens and delivered chilled in compostable, eco-friendly packaging.

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Flight Club

Flight Club offers parties, offices and stag do’s a range of multiplayer games or ‘social darts’ all served with food and drink inside its various activity bars in London. With Flight Club Chicago already set to launch in Spring 2018, there are also plans in the pipeline for Manchester, Bristol, Oslo, Melbourne and Hong Kong offerings.

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Goodlord is a cloud-based app that digitises the moving-in process, using e-signatures and online money collection. For £125 a month, clients including LiFE Residential, Winkworth, Sotherbys, Henry Adams and Re/Max get access to features such as e-signing, onboarding support and rental protection.

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Launched by Daniel Hegarty in April 2016, Habito is an artificial intelligence-based digital mortgage advisor providing more choice, greater transparency and more control to consumers. Over 50,000 people have been helped to better understand their mortgage needs by Habito, while the mortgage advisor has continued to ramp up growth, hitting 30% month-on-month.

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An app for medical professionals to discover, discuss and share clinical cases, Medshr launched in October 2015 and now has over 300,0000 members in 180 countries. The medtech start-up has recently announced partnerships with the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Doctors of the World, and NHS trusts.

View the profile here.

Smith & Sinclair

Initially selling their confectionaries on the streets of Berwick Street Market, Smith & Sinclair is now exporting to consumers across the globe on its website, recently launched into Hotel Chocolat and will soon hit John Lewis Stores across with UK.

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Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru is an online platform providing advice and information on dietary requirements and allergies aimed at time-strapped shoppers who can’t afford to let their guard down but don’t have the patience to ‘check before they check-out’. Free for consumers, Spoon Guru allows shoppers to filter their food searches when shopping online.

View the profile here.


An online platform that provides self-service blood tests and communicates results, Thriva believes the world would be a better place if people were regularly informed about their health – in a cost-effective and efficient way. It has now processed well over 10,000 paid-for tests and acquired over 6,000 subscribers.

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