People’s Champion finalist 2017: Spoon Guru

Taking the fuss out of finding food, this online platform helps those with dietary requirements shop around, but is it your People's Champion?

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Start-up name: Spoon Guru
Founders: Markus Stripf, Tim Allen and Simon Oregan
Started in: April 2015
Based in:
Business description: Online platform providing advice and information on dietary requirements and allergies

Shortlisted categories:

App of the Year, Innovative Business of the Year

The Spoon Guru story:

With 64% of the world's population now following some form of a diet, the weekly shop has become something of a mini minefield for even the average consumer.

Whether for reasons of religion and health, or just personal preference, time-strapped shoppers can’t afford to let their guard down yet don’t have the patience to ‘check before they check-out’ if they’ve bought something they shouldn’t have.

So, step forward Spoon Guru. Founded by Markus Stripf, Tim Allen and Simon Oregan, the lightbulb moment for Spoon Guru came in early 2015 when the wife of CEO Stripf was struck down with a number of food allergies.

Overwhelmed by her new condition, that forced her to query every menu and meticulously scan every label, Stripf became determined to find a technical solution, and when he couldn’t, he was inspired to build one himself alongside his fellow co-founders.

Free for consumers, Spoon Guru allows shoppers to filter their food searches when shopping online, including food intolerances, such as lactose or nuts, and specific dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, low fat, and low salt.

Bagging Tesco as its first ever client, before adding the world’s biggest health insurance company as its second, the start-up claims its tech is improving shopping cart conversions by 220% in the $15bn UK eGrocery market – that itself is growing by 15% each year.

Already eyeing European and US expansion, Spoon Guru’s ultimate aim of becoming “synonymous with easy, reliable and effortless dietary management” looks well within reach.

Why Spoon Guru made our shortlist:

An innovative solution to an ever-increasing frustration for foodies around the globe, Spoon Guru is the champion of consumer choice and has bagged some impressive clients already. Will it be your People’s Champion?

Where to find out more about Spoon Guru: 

Twitter: @SpoonguruUK 

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