People’s Champion Finalist 2017: Smith & Sinclair

The handmade edible alcoholic cocktails vying to be the People’s Champion, is it sweet enough to get your vote?

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Start-up name: Smith & Sinclair
Founders: Melanie Goldsmith and Emile Bernard
Started in: 2014
Based in: London
Business description: Edible alcoholic sweets 

Shortlisted categories:

Innovative Business of the YearWomen in Business Award

The Smith & Sinclair story:

An idea conceived during a dating game night, founders Melanie Goldsmith and Emile Bernard and their edible alcoholic sweets have experienced a meteoric rise since launching just three years ago.

Initially selling their confectionaries on the streets of Berwick Street Market, wedged in between a brand stand and fruit stall, their treats experienced such initial popularity that in just three weeks they had raised £3,000 and launched the Smith & Sinclair website.

Five days after launching, the duo took an order of 20,000 pastilles and soon had scaled so much they moved their business to a permanent site with a kitchen in North London.

Having produced sweets for the likes of Secret Cinema, Google and Ted Baker, Smith & Sinclair is now stocked across a range of high street retailers including Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks.

Currently exporting to consumers across the globe on their website, the start-up recently launched into Hotel Chocolat and will soon hit John Lewis Stores across with UK.

At 7% ABV per pastille, each pastille is made by hand using high quality spirits, and locally produced fresh fruit and spices.

Now owning the intellectual property on its product through an international patent pending, Smith & Sinclair is able to retain alcohol during the cooking process using a special process.

Having expanded its range beyond simple sweets, Smith & Sinclair have also worked with a host of major brands and events to create many more alcohol-infused goodies including edible bubbles and inhalable cocktails.

Why Smith & Sinclair made our shortlist:

Working with a host of retail giants and achieving phenomenal growth, Smith and Sinclair is almost making the edible alcoholic market its own. Will it be your People’s Champion?

Where to find out more about Smith & Sinclair:

Twitter: @SmthandSnclr

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