People’s Champion finalist 2017: Oppo

This low-calorie ice cream brand is making indulgence healthy. But does it have all the ingredients of a People’s Champion winner?

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Start-up name: Oppo
Founders: Charlie and Harry Thuillier
Started in: October 2014
Based in:
Business description: Low-calorie ice cream

Shortlisted category:

Product Business of the Year

The Oppo story:

Proof that a holiday abroad can provide you with that ‘lightbulb’ business idea, brothers Charlie and Harry Thuiller formed the concept for Oppo following a record-breaking expedition to Brazil.

Having relied on local coconuts and wild super fruits – both healthy and tasty – to fuel them on during the unofficial world record attempt, the pair were inspired; ‘What if natural ingredients could be used to make indulgent food guilt-free?’

Following two years of product development, in 2014 the pair realised the idea and launched their healthy ice cream brand made from fresh milk, virgin coconut oil and stevia leaf.

The range contains 60% fewer calories and sugar than regular ice cream and proudly lays claim to being the UK’s only dairy ice cream with an EU authorised health claim and a Great Taste Award.

Having overcome initial skepticism from industry professionals who said it wasn’t possible to create an ice cream that was healthy and tasty, Oppo has become a big hit with consumers.

Boasting hundreds of five-star reviews, the Oppo range – which includes flavours such as salted caramel and mint chocolate – is now supplied to 2,000 stores across the UK and over 800 stores in Europe. Stockists include Wholefoods, Waitrose, Budgens and Holland & Barrett.

Crowd investors are also fans of the healthy ice cream business and have backed over £1m to support its growth via crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

Why Oppo made our shortlist:

Launching a product in a new vertical is a huge task, particularly when industry professionals believe the concept to be an impossible one. Oppo has defied the odds by creating a guilt-free ice cream with all the flavour you’d expect from an indulgent treat and has won over the taste-buds of consumers.

Set to hit eight-figure revenues next year, supported by new market listings, Oppo is making ‘healthy indulgence’ a reality and that’s something we can get behind!

Where to find out more about Oppo:

Twitter: @OppoIceCream

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