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The “world’s first principled AI decision making platform” has huge potential – but is it your People’s Champion?

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Vishal Chatrath, Dongho Kim, and Aleksi Tukiainen
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning platform

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Tech Business of the Year

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The possibilities of this Cambridge-based start-ups artificial intelligence (AI) technology are numerous and fascinating.

Founded by Vishal Chatrath, Dongho Kim, and Aleksi Tukiainen in 2016, Startups 100-featured claims to be the world’s first principled AI decision making platform.

What that means in practice is that it can perceive and affect the ways things such as vehicles, drones, robots, characters in games and even people interact in complex environments.

This enables its customers to optimise the millions of micro-decisions that can arise in systems such as online games, autonomous vehicles and smart cities that are complex and dynamic.’s core technology is founded on the mathematical principles of three fields not previously used in conjunction with each other: probabilistic modelling, machine learning and game theory. Good thing then that its 50-strong team is made up of experts in all three fields.

The technology can be used in game development to reduce costs and time to market by carrying out dull and repetitive, but necessary, testing tasks thousands of time faster than humans.

For autonomous vehicles, it can use probabilistic modelling to help self-driving cars learn about their environment and drive safely.

For smart cities, the platform optimises fleet planning and management, ensuring that demand matches supply, vehicles are close by when needed, routes are planned efficiently, congestion is reduced and environmental damage is mitigated.

Why made our shortlist:

Having recently closed a £10m Series A investment round, the potential of is yet to be fully realised and it is already in the process of expanding its team of leading academics with “even greater research muscle” and taking further steps to bring its technology to market.

This start-up is well-placed to capitalise as the prevalence of AI technologies continues to grow.

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