People’s Champion finalist 2018: Brother Solutions

Brother by name and by nature, this up-and-coming reseller is disrupting the IT reselling market with its family values. Is it your People's Champion 2018?

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Start-up name: Brother Solutions
Founders: Adam & Luke Franklin
Started in: 2016
Based in: Northampton
Business description: A holistic IT reselling business built on fairness and community spirit

Shortlisted category:

Family Business of the Year

The Brother Solutions story

Having started in a box room above a friend’s warehouse, brothers Adam and Luke Franklin are carving a disruptive niche with their personal, empathetic approach to IT reselling.

Their company, which offers consultancy as well as direct sales, now has four employees and an office in the heart of Northampton, its client base ranging from start-ups to big brands.

Two years since launch and Brother Solutions has seen sales soar while building a vast customer base with 24/7 customer service and a product range that encompasses everything from ink toner to audio-visual equipment.

Clients are treated as partners, and the Brother team will give them detailed, bespoke advice on what products to buy and how to integrate them.

The Franklins happily admit they are in business to “get rich” but as the company’s name would suggest, they’re determined to foster a family atmosphere and retain the quaint, homely values that shape the local community.

And Adam and Luke have close relationships with all their team; what’s more, they believe those who are responsible for the company’s success should receive fair reward.

Adam says he and Luke were partly motivated to start their own business by the meagre recompense they were receiving in their previous sales jobs, and they have ensured that their own team receives a much greater slice of the pie.

In fact, Brother Solutions' sales personnel take home more than 50% of their revenues, which means they often earn more than the founders themselves.

Adam and Luke are also keen to reinvest time and money into the local business community. They provide a stream of advice to local companies, and hold a fundraiser every year for the Disney Ward at Northampton General Hospital.

Why Brother Solutions made our shortlist:

Brother Solutions is a family business by name and by nature, and the company is imbued with a real fraternal feel.

What’s more, it actively strives to build ties with the local community – something which will stand them in excellent stead as their business grows.

Where to find out more about Brother Solutions:

Twitter: @BrotherSolLtd

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