People’s Champion finalist 2018: Craft Gin Club

This craft gin subscription service has scaled to 42,000 subscribers and 615,000 social media fans. Will you drink to its success by making it your People’s Champion?

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Start-up name: Craft Gin Club
Founders: Jon Hulme and John Burke
Started in: January 2015
Based in: London
Business description: Gin subscription club

Shortlisted category:

Consumer Business of the Year

The Craft Gin Club story:

The gin revival is a few years old now but our appetite for the juniper-laced liquor shows no signs of abating.

Thankfully, our renewed love for the stuff hasn’t resulted in scenes reminiscent of Hogarth’s Gin Lane.

In fact, the beverage has now gained a reputation as a classier spirit among connoisseurs and cocktail lovers for its versatility and distinctive taste.

Craft Gin Club is the subscription service for premium gin that’s riding the crest of this boozy wave.

The three-time Startups 100-listed business curates the best gins, tonics, liqueurs, mixers, and snacks and ships them monthly to subscribers along with magazine that includes everything from tasting notes to cocktail recipes and news.

Revenue is derived from membership payments, gift memberships, exclusive seasonal products and the marketing packages it provides to its partners looking to access its targeted audience.

It’s amassed more than 42,000 members and a social media following of over 615,000 fans through a combination of content marketing and in-home product sampling. As well as the magazine, its in-house creative team creates a regular blog, newsletter and content for social media.

Members are hugely engaged in Craft Gin Club’s social media community, with more than 34 million impressions achieved every month and tens of thousands of comments and reactions on its Facebook page.

It’s also providing a vital service to its partner brands by getting their products into thousands of homes and gathering invaluable consumer data on what they think.

Why Craft Gin Club made our shortlist:

Craft Gin club claims to have an “industry-low” churn rate and it’s not hard to see why.

Its highly-engaged community say their regular deliveries are like “Christmas every month” as they get to discover new, exciting products. In turn, craft gin companies are benefiting from increased exposure and a boost in revenue.

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