People’s Champion finalist 2018: Glencar Construction

Glencar has already built the foundations of a hugely disruptive construction firm. Now it wants to complete the job - all while vying to be your People's Champion

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Start-up name: Glencar Construction
Founders: Eddie McGillycuddy, Chris Gleave
Started in: 2016
Based in: St Albans
Business description: Warehouse construction specialist 

Shortlisted categories:

B2B Business of the Year and Best Place to Work 

The Glencar Construction story:

A specialist in the creation of industrial and logistics buildings, Glencar is testament to what can be achieved with a clear vision and a client-focused approach.

Founders Chris Gleave and Eddie McGillycuddy spotted an opportunity in the market for warehouses and industrial buildings, and it’s fair to say their judgement was sound. In just its second full year, business is booming – all the more impressive given the company hasn’t taken on a single penny’s worth of debt.

The founders aren’t reinventing the wheel, they’re simply applying the principles which have served the construction industry well for centuries: work hard and surpass expectations. Chris and Eddie have remained prudent with their expenditure, and they’ve carefully targeted their projects to ensure a good fit with their clients.

Working primarily for developers and retailer/distributors, Glencar started small but has steadily won the trust of bigger clients thanks to its outstanding track record. The majority of the Glencar team have previously worked for ‘Tier 1’ main contractors, so they can offer proven skills and the experience of completing heavyweight contracts – not to mention a wealth of contracts along the supply chain.

Yet perhaps the biggest single reason for the company’s success is its client-centric strategy. The construction industry isn’t noted for its customer service but Glencar has sought to turn this preconception on its head, seeking feedback throughout the process to keep the client engaged at all stages.

At the end of the project, 360-degree feedback is sought from all parties, including clients, consultants and supply chain partners, and shared among the Glencar team to help them get even better.

That team has now grown to 28 people, another tribute to Glencar’s amazing growth, and the company has won praise from a number of major companies, including Ocado, which has described Glencar as its “go-to contractor.”

In fact 100% of Glencar’s client base is confirmed as retained or likely to engage the company again on future schemes, a ringing endorsement of its overall approach.

As the company grows, sustainability will be a key watchword – in every sense. The majority of Glencar’s projects are BREEAM-rated, meaning they meet high standards of sustainable design and construction, and the founders are determined to grow in an organic, long-term fashion.

Employees are actively encouraged to become stakeholders in the business, invited to sit on internal committees and undertake training courses, and in return they benefit from flexible hours and an open, non-hierarchical structure.

Only one employee has left the business to date, testament to the atmosphere Gleave and McGillycuddy have fostered; what’s more, the accident rate currently stands at zero, evidence of the pride Glencar’s employees take in their work.

Why Glencar Construction made our shortlist:

Given the multiple high-profile business failures that have blighted the construction industry over recent years, it’s refreshing to see a building firm which is determined to make things better, engaging properly with clients and delivering on what it promises.

What’s more, Glencar’s commitment to staff retention, and the hierarchy-free structure its founders has developed, suggest the company is a genuinely fair, open place to work – an impression reflected in its amazing staff retention rate.

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