People’s Champion finalist 2018: GuestReady

 It’s cared for more than 20,000 guests since launch. Does this short-term rental management platform get your vote for People's Champion?

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Start-up name: GuestReady
Founders: Alexander Limpert, Patrick Degen and Christian Mischler
Started in: May 2016
Based in: London
Business description: Short-term rental management platform

Shortlisted category:

Best Place to Work

The GuestReady story:

After struggling to find someone to look after his rental home when he went travelling, Alexander Limpert decided to create a solution that would do just that.

Alongside Patrick Degen and Christian Mischler, he created GuestReady – the property management platform helping to take the hassle out of hosting by taking care of everything from managing listings to price optimisation, key exchange, cleaning, laundry, and maintenance. It claims that its service can help hosts boost their revenue by up to 60% and maximise profits.

GuestReady has a number of pricing plans to suit the different needs of its hosts. For the basic plan it takes 12%, premium 20%, or it can take a defined amount based on the fixed income of a property.

Currently available in the UK, France, Portugal, the UAE, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, GuestReady has already cared for nearly 20,000 visitors around the world and helped 78 Airbnb property owners to achieve ‘superhost’ status.

It is currently catering for an average of 2,500 guests per month – and that figure is growing every day.

GuestReady's approach is “think global, act local”. This means teams are responsible for both local and global developments, and local managers are given the freedom to tailor operations to local needs. After all, business works differently in Bangkok and Berlin.

Employees are encouraged to grow themselves professionally, share their ideas, knowledge, and experience. The three founders are all keen travellers and they’ve tried to instil that spirit of adventure in their team by encouraging them to relocate to new locations to gain new experiences.

Why GuestReady made our shortlist:

GuestReady is one of a number of rental management companies currently operating, but it’s one that provides the full package, offering a range of services that really do take the hassle out of hosting.

Also admirable is the way it encourages team members to explore new opportunities in unfamiliar environments – just one of the reasons it clinched a finalist spot for Best Place to Work.

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