People’s Champion finalist 2018: Mama Bamboo

Delivering products that are good for babies and the environment – but will you deliver Mama Bamboo your People’s Champion vote?

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Start-up name: Mama Bamboo
Founder: Laura Crawford
Started in: 2018
Based in: Danewood, Herts
Business description: A maker of eco-friendly biodegradable nappies and wet wipes for babies and other bamboo-based products for families.

Shortlisted category:

Side Hustle of the Year

The Mama Bamboo story:

“There has to be a better way,” is the thought that launched many an entrepreneurial venture – and Mama Bamboo’s story is no different.

The bright, ‘ugly’, plastic plates and cups Laura Crawford – like most parents – used to serve her children’s meals got her thinking. “I realised just how often we expect children to use and even wear products we wouldn’t consider buying for ourselves,” she says.

Alternatives did exist but were considerably more expensive. “Mama Bamboo was born out of the idea that it must be possible to develop environmentally-friendly products at an affordable price which were convenient for parents to make a simple switch without compromising quality,” Crawford continues.

Mama Bamboo thus promises high quality, practical, environmentally-friendly, gentle products for less than the “small mortgage” or “annual shoe budget” required for some competitors.

Its range includes bamboo biodegradable nappies and wet wipes and bamboo fibre tableware for toddlers. And to add a little character, each of the tableware products features an endangered species with a certificate and information leaflet about the animal to prompt parent-child discussions.

Why Mama Bamboo made our shortlist:

Hard to believe this business is a side hustle but in a few short months since launch it expects to hit an impressive six-figure turnover and make some profit – all without start-up funding.

A business with real purpose, the finer details have been considered. The natural products are free of harsh chemicals putting babies’ comfort and health first, are affordable against some other alternatives yet meet EU regulations and safety standards, and are kind to the environment – bamboo is highly sustainable as the forests self-seed and require no pesticides or fertilisers. And a percentage of profits will reach WWF and NSPCC charities each year.

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