People’s Champion finalist 2018: myGwork

Brothers Adrien and Pierre Gaubert have turned the challenge of coming out at work into a bold, uplifting business. Do they get your backing for People's Champion?

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Start-up name: myGwork
Founders: Adrien & Pierre Gaubert
Started in: 2015
Based in: London
Business description: LGBT-focused recruitment platform designed to foster equality and inclusivity

Shortlisted category:

Family Business of the Year 

The myGwork story:

myGwork is striving to create “a fearless new generation of LGBT+ professionals in the global workforce.”

The company provides a job board and networking hub for LGBT+ professionals, with the emphasis firmly on openness and inclusivity.

Founded by twin brothers Adrien and Pierre Gaubert, who both faced harassment after coming out, myGwork’s proposition is simple: it connects LGBT+ professionals with inclusive organisations, providing invaluable benefits to both.

The professionals can proactively seek out companies that will embrace and support their sexuality: the companies will tap into the huge LGBT+ talent pool and strengthen their own internal culture.

In addition to this core function, myGwork strives to make the whole process of coming out at work easier. Visitors to the site will see other LGBT+ individuals within their organisation, and find inspiring profiles of those who are out at work.

The site also provides a mentoring service, with members who have already come out at work providing advice and support to those who want to do so.

Revenue comes from the network of companies who advertise on the site, and these include some of the world’s best-known brands, including Uber, Santander and Just Eat.

The myGwork community now numbers over 200,000 people and a network of outside investors have maintained a rapid rate of growth, with revenue tripling every year since 2014.

Having featured in national outlets such as The Guardian and The Financial Times, myGwork continues to go from strength to the strength.

Yet, more than that, the Gauberts are providing an inspirational approach to family business, and helping to smash through the glass ceiling that prevents many LGBT+ professionals reaching their potential.

Why myGwork made our shortlist:

Having both faced the challenge of coming out at work, the Gaubert brothers have drawn strength from their brotherly bond, and now they’re channelling that into a business that could help thousands of other people follow in their footsteps.

With over 100 LGBT-friendly employers listed on its site, myGwork is enforcing the message that diversity and inclusion is not just an internal or an HR buzzword but should in fact underpin the very ethos of a company.

Where to find out more about myGwork:

Twitter: @myGwork  

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