People’s Champion finalist 2018: Plexus

You can’t build a virtual revolution without some human skills, and Plexus is determined to provide them. Does the recruitment start-up have your People's Champion vote?

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Start-up name: Plexus
Founders: Shaun Potts, Zeth Couceiro
Started in: 2017
Based in: London
Business description: Blockchain recruitment business determined to advance this transformative technology

Shortlisted category:

B2B Business of the Year

The Plexus story

It’s been hailed as the gateway to the fourth industrial revolution, a technology with the potential to transform everything from the way we pay our bills to the way we vote in elections. So it’s only right and proper that cryptocurrency has its own recruitment agency.

When they decided to fill this niche, Plexus founders Shaun Potts and Zeth Couceiro wanted to establish themselves as the go-to talent partner for the blockchain and crypto space within three years. As it was, they did it in one.

Plexus has become a dominant player in its space, drawing on its founders’ back-of-the-hand understanding of their space. Shaun and Zeth pride themselves on their forensic understanding of virtual currencies, and they demand a similar level of insight from their consultants, who are carefully selected for their experience and are encouraged to attend industry events.

On top of its key recruitment function, Plexus serves as a networking exchange, bringing enterprise clients together with start-ups for knowledge-sharing. This service, provided free of charge, cements the company’s position as an influencer within its space.

Little wonder companies such as Consensys and Bitmain, both of which have been integral to the growth of blockchain, have chosen to work with them.

Rather than seek out external investment, the founders decided to go down the self-funded route, yet their growth has been spectacular. Plexus has expanded across Europe as well as the US.

Now the founders are eyeing expansion into Hong Kong, New York and Singapore.

In addition to finding fulfilling jobs for its candidates, Plexus is determined to advance the careers of its own staff. The company has created two distinct career plans, delivery and 360 Consultant, and has promised staff it will support them on their journey, even offering them the opportunity to set up their own business under the Plexus umbrella.

Given how fast blockchain itself is growing, Plexus’s own prospects appear rosy indeed.

Why Plexus made our shortlist:

Being a pioneer in a new market takes nerve as well as imagination, and Plexus has both in spades. The company’s entrepreneurial spirit, and proactivity, have enabled it thrive in the ever-changing blockchain marketplace and secure relationships with a full range of clients, from billion-dollar blue-chips to disruptive startups.

Finally, the company stands out for its investment in training. Rather than plough all its efforts into profit, Plexus strives to reinvest time and money in its own talent, which should be lauded in such a cut-throat marketplace.

Where to find out more about Plexus:

Twitter: @plexusRS

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