People’s Champion finalist 2018: Royal Educare

Britain’s care system is in crisis, but this ambitious Welsh start-up is proving it doesn’t have to be all chaos and turmoil - will it get your People's Champion vote? 

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Start-up name: Royal Educare
Founders: Victoria and Alex Williams
Started in: 2017
Based in: Bridgend
Business description: Award-winning care recruitment specialist

Shortlisted category:

Family Business of the Year

The Royal Educare story:

As Britain’s beleaguered care system braces for another winter of discontent, a disruptive company in South Wales is helping to make the system better.

Founded just last year, Royal Educare is now the preferred supplier to a number of charities and organisations, ranging from children’s services to mental healthcare. And, as the name would suggest, it’s branched out into education, too.

For sibling founders Victoria and Alex Williams, Royal Educare provides an ideal blend of their skillsets. Victoria holds several qualifications in health and social care, while Alex spent several years in recruitment.

After conducting a rigorous research of the local area, they realised their proposition was unique and decided to start up last June.

As well as providing rigorous vetting of each candidate, and a demanding interview process, Royal Educare is thriving due to its competitive price points, and a bespoke approach which takes each client’s cultural circumstances into consideration.

Account managers are available 365 days a year and the founders pride themselves on the close relationships they have forged with both clients and staff – one of whom is their mum.

Although there were some teething problems (such as the fact that their clients were exempt from VAT), the business generated healthy revenue in its first full year and was recognised with the title of ‘Best New Start Up Business’ 2018 at the South Wales Business Awards.

The early success in healthcare is now being mirrored in the education sector, with several schools and further education colleges already on board.

Having grown to five in-house staff and 100 contractors, Royal Educare is ideally placed for further growth. But, with mum watching over them, it’s unlikely Victoria and Alex will lose track of the values that have brought them this far.

Why Royal Educare made our shortlist:

Not only is Royal Educare built on a strong familial network – it’s helping families across Wales provide more effective care for their loved ones.

With impressive 365-days-a-year customer service, what the Williams have achieved in just one year – and with further growth in the pipeline – is inspiration to anyone looking to start a business or social enterprise.

Where to find out more about Royal Educare:

Twitter: @RoyalEducar

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