People’s Champion finalist 2018: The Hidden Wardrobe

Let The Hidden Wardrobe's pop-up shop come to you. It's proving a popular side hustle, but can it win your vote?

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Start-up name: The Hidden Wardrobe
Founders: Angela Sharples
Started in: 2018
Based in: Preston
Business description: A shopping experience where the shop moves among the community, popping-up in bars, restaurants, homes and hairdressers.

Shortlisted categories:

Side Hustle of the Year

The Hidden Wardrobe’s story:

Catering for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, Angela Sharples is on a mission to take her ladies’ boutique to the community.

Her pop-up shop has turned up in local bars, the post office, restaurants, homes, shops and hairdressers – bringing a range of fashion to her customers in an environment they’re visiting anyway.

Entirely booked up until the end of the year, the concept is gaining in popularity to the extent that Sharples is keen to roll it out into other territories.

Started with a £3,000 Start Up Loan, she expects to reach profitability quickly through adding a mark-up to the clothing, jewellery and bags she purveys.

Not bad for a little business on the side.

Why The Hidden Wardrobe made our shortlist:

While the business is at a very formative stage, there are strong signs the concept could grow to become a successful franchise.

With more than 4,000 Facebook followers and a seemingly endless list of community hubs keen to display her wares, Sharples has created a model with genuine local appeal and community spirit.

Where to find out more about The Hidden Wardrobe:

Website: Facebook

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