People’s Champion finalist 2018: The Vurger Co

Fresh, fun and full of flavour, The Vurger Co has taken vegan burgers and given them a makeover. Will it be your People's Champion?

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Start-up name: The Vurger Co
Founders: Rachel Hugh and Neil Potts
Started in: 2016
Based in: London
Business description: Vegan burger company which has captured the imagination of East London’s hipster community

Shortlisted category:

Crowdfunded Business of the Year

The Vurger Co story

Ask an entrepreneur what ‘inspired’ their business idea and few will tell you it came from a health scare. But that’s the case with The Vurger Co, which purports to make the process of ordering vegan food quicker, easier and more accepted.

Co-founders Rachel Hugh and Neil Potts decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle after the latter suffered a series of serious stomach problems. The health benefits soon became clear, but the process of finding quality vegan meals, particularly burgers, remained seriously complicated. The pair recall that restaurant owners often smirked when they asked if there were any vegan options; even when they were successful, the food often resembled “a dry, bland mess.”

So Potts and Hugh decided to break out and create their own vegan burger company to serve London, aiming to provide “the most delicious and burgers the city has ever tasted.”  

Vegan food is often derided for its blandness, but The Vurger Co is on a mission to change that. A fine blend of spices and sauces give their burgers a real zing, while the fries and slaw create the feel of a classic American burger joint. Those who are dining in can choose a variety of soft drinks, wines and craft beers with their meal.

Having started out as a market stall pop-up, the company opened its first physical restaurant in Shoreditch in March and have seen strong sales. Not that the founders have seen a single penny coming in though: the business went completely cashless early last year, becoming one of the first eateries in the UK to do so.

If, like us, you’re suddenly feeling a bit peckish, you can salivate over The Vurger Co’s creations by checking out their Instagram page here.

They’ve amassed a following of 40,000 across their various platforms, and it’s easy to see why: the flavour of their burgers practically drips off the page. Be warned, though – if you’ve still got a few hours until lunch, it’s probably best to give their Insta feed a miss!

Why The Vurger Co made our shortlist:

The £300,000 the company raised on Crowdcube last year has been ploughed back into physical premises, which have already become a favourite among Londoners.

The company’s model is fresh, clean and original. What’s more, all the ingredients are 100% sustainable, so the founders are making the world a healthier place in every sense.

Where to find out more about The Vurger Co:

Twitter: @TheVurgerCo

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