People’s Champion finalist 2018: Whizz Pop Bang

Helping thousands of children across the UK to fall in love with science, does this gender neutral magazine publisher have what it takes to be your People's Champion?

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Start-up name: Whizz Pop Bang
Founder: Jenny Inglis
Started in: 2015
Based in: Circencester
Business description: Gender neutral science magazine with experiments, facts and fun for children aged six to 12 years

Shortlisted category:

Women in Business Award

The Whizz Pop Bang story:

As an independent publisher, Whizz Pop Bang is keen to break the mould of the last 20 years of children's magazine publishing.

As founder Jenny Inglis explains; “Almost all children's magazines on the newsstands today are adorned with cheap plastic toys that generally only last for a few minutes before ending up in landfill. This is harmful to the environment and poor value for money for consumers.”

Fed up with these “plastic-toy covered, advertisement-laden and segregated pink and blue children's magazines” being marketed to her three children, Inglis set about creating a magazine that would be focused on providing inspiring, informative content and wouldn't need “plastic tat” stuck to its covers in order to sell.

This magazine concept would evolve to become Whizz Pop Bang; a gender neutral kid's science magazine which combines quality content from some of the UK's top children's science authors, alongside puzzles, fun facts, and experiments for children to try at home.

With no advertising allowed – and no plastic either – Inglis' determination to shake up the publishing industry with a new approach has begun to pay dividends.

Since launching in August 2015, Whizz Pop Bang has secured thousands of customers via its subscription model and is now entering the school market with lesson packs and resources to help children learn science and have fun.

Buoyed by a team of 10, Inglis has ambitious plans for her start-up's future – her sights are set on licensing the magazine overseas and launching a series of children's science books in collaboration with a major book publisher.

Why Whizz Pop Bang made our shortlist:

Historically there has been a lack of engaging science resources to inspire young children, until now…

Jenny Inglis has created a magazine which is helping all children, boys and girls, across the UK to fall in love with science – no small feat.

Having originally started the business on her own – self-learning digital marketing, design and even html –  in the space of three years Inglis, and her now team of 10, have has achieved incredible growth. The business' recent expansion into the school market offers exciting prospects to encourage more children to have fun with science and, moreover, to motivate a future generation of scientists, inventors and engineers.

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