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Startups.co.uk asked a selection of our Startups Awards winners how they benefited from winning and why they entered. Here’s what they said…

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“When you win an award it really helps morale – it’s recognition that what you’re doing is worthwhile – and it’s a great excuse to just let off some steam. You don’t often get the chance to do that; you’re just working constantly.”

Beer52 (Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, Simply Business Startups Business of the Year 2014)

“Winning at the Startups Awards gave the entire Eyespace team a huge boost in confidence and had a very positive effect on morale! Everyone across the business was able to see the benefits of their hard work and dedication, and how their individual contributions deliver for the company as a whole.”

Eyespace (Product Business of the Year 2014)


“It was really important to us to be able to inspire our team and for our team to see that we were winning awards. Certainly in the earlier days it creates a tremendous buzz and excitement, you feel that everyone is contributing to the growth of the business that’s led to winning awards.”

Crowdcube (Funded Business of the Year 2013)

“It’s good for the team, because even though they know you’re growing and the team love the brand, you’re not always good at sharing how well things are going because you’re too busy.

And it’s good for you, we are all here because we are perfectionists – we are always striving for better. Winning an award shows you’re doing something right – and even though there are areas of the business you know can be improved – it’s nice to recognise what is going well.”

Made.com (Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012)


“Who else pats you on the back? It’s quite nice sometimes to sit there, have a glass of wine and enjoy a moment of success.”

Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn (Silver Fox of the Year 2012)

Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn
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