ClickUp pricing 2022: How much does the project management software cost?

ClickUp is one of the newest and most affordable project management tools on the market, making it a popular choice among startups. So which plan would best suit your business? And how do its costs compare to competitors?

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Price Per Month (billed annually)
You can typically save by paying for a year or more in advance
Price Per Month (billed monthly)
Paying monthly is usually the more expensive option
The total number of users for this plan level

ClickUp Free

ClickUp Unlimited

ClickUp Business

ClickUp Enterprise

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£13.74 per member

Contact sales

Unlimited – but only 5 spaces




The first of ClickUp’s payment plans, ClickUp Unlimited, is only £6.51 per user, per month. For those wanting more advanced features, there is also an option to spend more with ClickUp Business, which costs £13.74 per user, per month.

In terms of price, it's low on the cost spectrum for PM software. One of ClickUp’s unique selling points is its ‘free forever’ plan, which offers an unlimited number of tasks to individual users to try completely free of charge.

Thanks to these generous costs, ClickUp has quickly established itself as a modern project management (PM) software solution rivalling the big market players – despite only being founded in 2017.

But what do these payment plans really give you? And is the freemium option really free? We’ve created this guide to ClickUp pricing to answer these very questions.

Read on to find out more details about each of ClickUp’s payment plans, the deals and discounts available, and how the platform compares to competitors.

ClickUp Pricing explained

Clickup dashboard

As shown above, ClickUp is organised by a hierarchy structure of Workspace >> Spaces >> Folders >> Tasks. This breaks down projects into actionable items for managers and employees to navigate more easily.

From your workspace, which essentially represents your business, you can customise all areas of a project. For example, you can use spaces to represent different departments like marketing, sales, or admin; folders for the various projects these teams might be working on; and tasks to organise your day-to-day duties on that project.

All of ClickUp’s plans – both free and paid-for – allow an unlimited number of users and tasks.

One downside to ClickUp Free is that you can only host five spaces per workspace – while this works well for startups, growing firms could soon hit a wall. ClickUp Unlimited allows an unlimited number of spaces, and offers a better plan for expansion.

What are ClickUp’s payment plans?

ClickUp Free
Cost: Free
Best for: Affordability

ClickUp’s most basic plan is ClickUp Free. Considering there’s no cost attached, ClickUp Free offers a significant list of features, and would work well for budget conscious managers or those looking for simple project management tools.

Among the available features is an unlimited number of tasks to complete per project. You are also given five different spaces (an organisational method similar to the different departments within a business) to collaborate on small-scale planning and organisation.

TasksSet yourself an unlimited number of tasks
SpacesOrganise your work into a maximum of 5 spaces
File storage100 MB per month
Custom fieldsCreate and edit custom fields in your views a maximum of 100 times per month
PortfoliosSee a high-level overview of your work with a maximum of 100 uses in portfolios per month
DashboardsActs like a mission control centre for your team. Get 100 uses to edit and manage your dashboards, per month
Multiple viewsLook at your workspaces through a variety of lenses including activity, box, table, timeline, calendar, and workload.
Custom viewsCustomise and edit your view a maximum of 100 times per month
AutomationsAutomate routine actions based on triggers and conditions to save time. You’ll be permitted 100 automations per month. See below for more information on project automation
Gantt chartsUse Gantt charts to organise and view your project schedule
Real time collaborationInvite other members of your workspace to edit the same project
Two-factor authenticationIncreased security with two-factor authentication protection
What is an automation?

Automations tell software to make a decision on something automatically. You can customise your own on ClickUp. The app will then carry out tasks for you, so that you won’t have to waste time completing the action yourself.

Example: Say you spend half an hour at the end of each day checking your employees have completed the tasks they were set. Using automation, you can set up a notification that lets you know when they have marked their tasks as done, saving you time and making sure you don’t miss any updates. 

Is it really free?

ClickUp Free has no hidden costs, and really is ‘free forever’ should you choose to stick with it. It offers extraordinary value for money considering the number of accessible features – new users should take advantage and try it for free to make sure it's right for your business.

However, due to the limited amount of spaces, file storage, and integration options, ClickUp Free really works best for individual or self-employed workers. Small business owners who are looking for an all-in-one organisational solution would quickly outgrow this plan.

ClickUp Unlimited
Cost: £6.51 per member, per month (£3.62 annually)
Best for: Scalability

The first paid-for subscription that ClickUp offers is ClickUp Unlimited. As the name suggests, this plan drops most of the restrictions seen in the freemium version. That means you can access an unlimited amount of certain features, including dashboards (pictured above).

Users are also provided with new, more sophisticated project management tools, such as the edit permissions feature, which gives greater managerial control. Plus, added integrations for cloud storage permit greater data storage capacity and more complex project management.

These larger allowances make ClickUp Unlimited perfect for small firms preparing for growth and investment. We think that makes it the best plan for scalability. Plus, at only £6.51 per member, per month, it’s still excellent value considering the large stock of available features.

Custom viewsUnlimited
File storageUnlimited
Custom fieldsUnlimited
Edit permissionsManage editing permissions for different users
FormsUse ClickUp’s form view to build detailed forms and gain data for project use
DashboardUse dashboards an infinite number of times, but with limited widgets
ProofingLeave co-workers comments in a Space a maximum of 100 times per month
Automations1,000 per month
Cloud storageIntegrate your ClickUp account with cloud storage platforms like DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

ClickUp Business

Cost: £13.74 per member, per month (£6.51 annually)
Best for: Security

The ClickUp Business plan puts a greater emphasis on security and delegation. Offering timesheets and other team management tools, we think mid-sized businesses with multiple office locations would benefit the most from this plan to better coordinate in a larger team.

ClickUp Business demonstrates most of the same features as ClickUp Unlimited, but with more sophisticated abilities – including an allowance of 100,000 automations – it would be better suited to teams with an advanced IT department. At £13.74 per member, per month, it’s still good value – but for smaller firms, the more advanced tools might not be worth the added cost.

Automations10,000 per month
Custom task IDsEdit the names of tasks to make them easier to find and organise within multiple spaces
Private, default, and protected viewCreate a private view of your dashboards which only you can use. Design and set a default view for your members, and protect it to prevent people from editing
Publicly share everythingShare your tasks or views to anyone inside and/or outside your workspace
TimesheetsTrack yours and your members' time management, and view reports of the time spent on each task
Google single sign-on (SSO)Use SSO to sign into all Google applications, including Gmail and G-Suite. Simplifies the handling of passwords and identity to improve cyber security.

ClickUp Enterprise

Cost: Available on request
Best for: Large-scale businesses

This plan is for large-scale businesses, and is only offered with custom pricing. ClickUp Enterprise boasts all of the same features as ClickUp Business, but with an even greater focus on security thanks to added compliances, including HIPAA.

For more detailed information, ClickUp recommends contacting their sales team for a breakdown of pricing and a full features list.

Annual vs. monthly: what are the savings?

ClickUp offers two billing cycles for its customers, so you can choose to pay annually or monthly. Paying monthly means you’ll pay in installments every month. However, with an annual subscription, although the price is given per month, you’ll pay for the full year up front.

There is a sizeable discount for annual subscriptions when compared to those billed monthly. We’ve outlined the exact savings in the chart below:

 Annual costMonthly costSaving
ClickUp FreeFreeFree0% year-on-year
ClickUp Unlimited£3.62 per member, per month£6.51 per member, per month43% year-on-year
ClickUp Business£6.51 per member, per month£13.74 per member, per month56% year-on-year
ClickUp EnterpriseContact salesContact salesContact sales

To break those costs down, a startup with ten employees would pay £781.20 on a recurring ClickUp Unlimited monthly payment plan for one year's usage of the app. Or, if they chose to pay annually, they’d pay only £434.40 total for the same benefits – almost halving their total cost.

ClickUp costs vs. competitors

The PM market is highly competitive at the moment, meaning it can be difficult to find the best project management software for you. In terms of cost, ClickUp’s most basic paid-for plan is ClickUp Unlimited. We chose four other project management software products which are popular amongst SMEs to test it against.

0 out of 0
Price Per Month (billed annually)
You can typically save by paying for a year or more in advance

ClickUp Unlimited Basic

Wrike Professional

Asana Premium

MeisterTask Pro


ClickUp ranks as easily the lowest-costing project management software amongst these other popular options. is its closest rival, and still costs just over £3 more per user, per month. It’s worth noting that also doesn’t provide any integrations for users at this level, and only offers 5GB of storage compared to ClickUp’s unrestricted supply – meaning ClickUp Unlimited offers the best value for money by a tidy amount.

To learn more about how ClickUp free compares to, read our handy guide to pricing.

Or, take a look below to see how ClickUp prices compare to and other market leaders in the project management space (the pricing featured for ClickUp is for it's most basic paid plan).

How do its features compare?

Many project management platforms have free payment plans – however, they typically lack a lot of important tools, and can prevent teams from being able to plan and organise effectively.

ClickUp Free’s huge list of practical and collaborative tools is probably its most unique selling point, and easily outranks rival software. It demonstrates a high number of customisable elements, letting you play with plans and timelines to find a system which works for you.

Let’s take a look at how the features in ClickUp’s freemium plan stand up against the free version of
Unlimited members
Custom fields
Mind maps
Multiple views
Gantt charts
Real time collaboration
Custom exporting
Two-factor authentication
Privacy and sharing

Some users might find having access to so many micro-features frustrating at first. ClickUp also includes 24/7 customer support as part of all of its payment plans, to help customers through any teething issues.

If you’d still like to shop around before committing to any particular software, then use our project management comparison tool to read more about the other options available.

Our rating

4.3 out of 5
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Integrations

ClickUp’s low-cost payment plans provide the perfect budget-friendly option for SMEs that might be looking to get started with a simpler project management product.

While ClickUp Business has the more sophisticated tools, we think ClickUp Unlimited is the most worthy investment for small businesses. It boasts a genuinely impressive list of features that easily beats its closest rivals in terms of value for money, providing growing firms with a smartly designed choice of software that won’t break the bank.

Learn more about signing up to ClickUp Unlimited here.

ClickUp FAQs

How do I upgrade?

Changing your plan can be done easily from your profile on the ClickUp website. As upgrading is done at the workspace level, you can’t pick and choose individual members to upgrade. That means you must pay for each person in your ClickUp Workspace when you switch plans.

Similarly, as ClickUp pricing is organised per member, if you add a new person to your workspace, you will be charged for their new seat. Given these potential added costs, if you’re planning to hire new team members soon, you should consider the more budget-friendly ClickUp Unlimited payment plan.

Are there any money-saving deals available?

ClickUp’s impressive freemium deal means it doesn’t offer a huge range of discounts. However, the service does offer a 35% academic discount for students, educators, and administrators in the education sector.

Businesses can also look out for any available ClickUps deals on the company website.

What if I change my mind? 

If you change your mind about ClickUp’s other payment plans, then you can cancel your membership easily on the ClickUp website.

Unlike other project management software such as Smartsheet and Wrike, ClickUp has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for new customers.

That means you can cancel any time within 30 days of purchasing to receive a full refund, for any reason. Plus, if you cancel, you can continue using ClickUp before your next payment is due without losing any of the benefits of your plan, making it very trial-friendly. is reader-supported. If you make a purchase through the links on our site, we may earn a commission from the retailers of the products we have reviewed. This helps to provide free advice and reviews for our readers. It has no additional cost to you, and never affects the editorial independence of our reviews.

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