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Considering signing up for, but unsure whether it will offer your business good value for money? Find out everything you need to know to make a decision here

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Price Per Month (billed annually)
You can typically save by paying for a year or more in advance
Price Per Month (billed monthly)
Paying monthly is usually the more expensive option
The total number of users for this plan level
Free Trial Individual Basic Standard Pro Enterprise


£12 seat/month

£27 seat/month

£42 seat/month

Contact sales

Up to 2

Minimum of 3






X offers three premium plans, ranging in price from £7 per seat per month to £14 per seat per month, with each tailored to businesses with different needs. It also has an enterprise solution for much larger businesses.

That unique ‘per seat per month’ pricing structure can be confusing, but it’s actually been designed to offer maximum pricing flexibility for businesses of any size, and in any sector.

But which plan is right for your business? And how much is a business of your size going to end up paying overall?

To help you out, we’re going to unpick’s top discounts and deals, explain what you’re getting for your money on each plan – including the platform's attractive free trial offer – and see how it compares to similar business tools.

But first, here’s a snapshot of’s three premium plans:

  • Basic: £7 per seat per month
  • Standard: £9 per seat per month
  • Pro: £14 per seat per month

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The crucial difference between and other, similar business tools is this per seat per month structure, which is not synonymous with per user per month.

The seat number equates to the size of your team, and increases in the following increments:

  • 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200+

You just have to choose an upper limit that accommodates the size of your team. So, if you have 13 people on your team, you’d have to select 15 seats, whereas if you have 44, you’d have to select 50.

Of course, this means that the closer you are to the upper limit, the better value your plan will be.

Anything above 50 seats is eligible for Enterprise pricing, meaning you’ll have to contact for a custom solution.

Annual/monthly subscription allows you to pay yearly or monthly. All the listed prices are based on an annual subscription. That means you pay the annual bill in full at the time of purchase.

For example, if you opt for the Standard plan for a ‘10 seat’ team at £9 per seat per month, you’ll pay £86 per month – meaning you’ll pay £1,032 up front.

If you choose to pay monthly, the price of your plan will be 18% higher, so you’ll pay £104 every month. pricing plans

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Price Per Month (billed annually)
You can typically save by paying for a year or more in advance
Price Per Month (billed monthly)
Paying monthly is usually the more expensive option
The total number of users for this plan level
Free Trial Individual Basic Standard Pro Enterprise


£12 seat/month

£27 seat/month

£42 seat/month

Contact sales

Up to 2

Minimum of 3







*Prices are correct as of February 2021 is entirely based around the creation of highly customisable ‘Boards’, which allow you to manage, organise, and visualise your projects in countless different ways.

The more advanced your plan, the more ways allows you to manage, organise, and visualise your projects. The most advanced plans also have greater allowances on things like storage, guests, and how many actions you’re permitted to perform.

Every plan grants you access to templates that have been designed to assist the full spectrum of business functions, including CRM, HR, and IT. If you want to compare's CRM offering to other providers, check out our list of the best CRM softwares for small businesses.

Below, we explain the features and allowances offered by each pricing plan to help you decide which is the most suitable for your business.

We also give the annual cost of each plan for three different representative team sizes. Obviously we can’t cover every size, but hopefully it’s a useful estimate for your own business. offers a free trial that allows you to try out all of its premium features for 14-days. Visit and tell them about your exact requirements to get started.

Teams being productive

Basic – £7 per seat per month

The Basic plan is suitable for businesses that want a simple way to organise their projects, communicate, and collaborate.

Annual cost of Basic plan for a team of: 

  • 5 = £420
  • 15 = £1,260
  • 30 = £2,520

Basic plan features:

Unlimited viewersInvite as many viewers as you want
Main boardsThe basic plan enables you to create an unlimited number of Main Boards, which are accessible and viewable by all your team members
CommunicationAnyone can communicate with anyone through using an ‘@ mention’. You can also create teams, and instantly message everyone within that team
Simple search functionUse the search function to instantly find the tasks assigned to you, or any specific information within a board. The ability to search your whole account is only available from the Standard Plan upwards
Limited column centreColumns are the vertical sections of your board that feature team members, dates, progress bars etc. The only columns you can’t access on the Basic plan are the Formula column and the Time Tracking column
Files viewView all the files uploaded to your board in one place
Form viewConvert your boards into forms and send them to contacts
Kanban viewVisualise the content of your board in Kanban format
1 board per dashboardDashboards allow you to display everything about a project in one place, with 15 different widgets available to understand project progress, track your budget etc. However, as each dashboard can only contain info from one board on the basic plan, you’re unable to analyse data across boards
5GB storageSufficient storage for small businesses

Standard – £9 per seat per month’s most popular plan, Standard offers everything on the Basic plan, as well as more advanced features and more generous allowances.

Annual cost of Standard plan for a team of: 

  • 5 = £540
  • 15 = £1,620
  • 30 = £3,240

Standard plan features:

Limited guests The Standard plan allows you to add three guests (users that aren’t in your organisation) for free, with the fourth billed as a team member
Shareable boardsAllows you to share your boards with guests without giving them access to your full account
The Timeline ViewShows project start and end dates, and allows you to visualise the timeline of individual tasks
Advanced filter searchAllows you to search for any info within your account and filter any info within a board
The Calendar ViewVisualise all tasks that have a date and or timeline column by day, week, or month
The Map ViewVisualise every location relevant to your project on a map
5 boards per dashboardThe Standard plan allows you to feature data from five different boards on one dashboard
250 monthly limit on actions for automations/integrationsAutomate processes instead of having to do them manually, and integrate with popular tools like Excel, Google Drive, and Dropbox
20 GB storage More storage for bigger businesses

Pro – £14 per seat per month

The most sophisticated plan available from, Pro includes everything from the previous plans, as well as a host of other great features for larger businesses with complex project management needs.

Annual cost of Pro plan for a team of: 

  • 5 = £840
  • 15 = £2,520
  • 30 = £5,040

Pro plan features:

Private boardsThese can only be seen by the person who created the board, and anyone they invite to that board
Advanced permission and restriction settingsHave full control of who can see and edit any element within
The Workload ViewGet a clear overview of how tasks are divided up between your team members
The Chart ViewVisualise data from your projects with a range of customisable charts
The Tags ColumnGroup items from different Groups or Boards using a keyword
The Formula ColumnMake simple or complex mathematical calculations using data from other columns
The Time Tracking ColumnCheck out how much time you and your team spend on individual tasks
Monthly limit of 25,000 on actions for automations and integrationsVastly increase the number of actions you can perform for automations and integrations
20 boards per dashboardEach dashboard can contain info from 20 boards on the Pro plan
Google AuthenticationsAllows you to log into your account through your Google account
100GB storagePlenty of capacity for growing businesses

Enterprise – custom pricing

For much larger organisations of 50+, offers custom pricing. It includes all the features of the Pro plan and more.

Enterprise plan features:

Monthly limit of 100,000 on actions for automations/integrationsA much more generous actions allowance for big, busy businesses that need to undertake plenty of complex procedures and make frequent use of other tools
50 boards per dashboardEach dashboard can contain info from 50 boards
Advanced securityGives you access to a ‘panic button’, which allows you to temporarily block your account in case of a security breach
Audit logSee which team members have last logged into the account and what device they used
Account managerPersonalised support from a customer success manager, with tailored onboarding for 25+ users on a yearly plan
100 GB storageMaximum storage space pricing versus competitor pricing compares pretty favourably to rival project management software in terms of pricing, in that it’s slap bang in the middle.

To see how it stacks up, we picked four other tools, and worked out the price of an annual subscription for a team of 15 on the supplier’s cheapest paid plan.’s Basic plan for 15 worked out at £1,548/year, making it £160 a year cheaper than popular rival Asana, but £254 more than Teamwork.

However, it’s important to note that’s remit is a bit wider reaching than those we’ve compared it to, as it also provides templates for other business functions like HR, CRM, and IT.

Also, the price alone doesn’t tell the full story: it’s about how much value you’re getting.

And on that basis, we think offers excellent value. The platform’s ability to adapt to businesses of any size and in any sector, coupled with its unparalleled flexibility, means it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

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Price Per Month (billed annually)
You can typically save by paying for a year or more in advance Basic

ClickUp Unlimited

Wrike Professional

Trello Business

Asana Premium

£7.24 per user


Choosing the best pricing plan for my business’s wide-ranging pricing structure can accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re just getting started with project management or if you’re a more established business, has a variety of plans to suit different needs – you just need to choose the right one for your requirements.

The Standard plan (£9 per seat per month) is the most popular. It gives you access to a much broader range of visualisation options than Basic, as well as generous allowances on guests, storage, and integrations. We’d say it’s a good place to start for most businesses.

And if you do decide you need more (or less) capacity/functionality, it’s easy to up- or downgrade your plan within the software.

Why not give a whirl today? The 14-day free trial allows you to use all the features of the Pro plan without having to sign up with a credit card.

So, why not take a look at how can help you improve the efficiency project management or boost your CRM function. pricing plan FAQs

Does require a one-off payment or monthly subscription fee? offers two types of subscription: monthly and yearly. If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll pay in installments every month. If you choose an annual subscription, although the price is given per month, you’ll actually pay for the full year up front. A monthly subscription is 18% more expensive than an annual subscription.

What is the cost per user per month for offers a unique ‘per seat per month’ pricing structure, and the cost per seat per month depends on which of the three pricing plans you opt for. On the basic plan it's £7 per seat per month, on the standard plan it's £9 per seat per month and for the pro plan it's £14 per seat per month.

Does offer a free plan? offers a two-week free trial, which allows you to try out all the features of the Pro plan. After the trial period is over, you either have to upgrade to a premium plan, or lose access to the software.

How much is the cheapest plan?

The cheapest paid plan is the Basic plan, which costs £7 per seat per month. The Basic plan includes unlimited boards, more than 200 templates, over 20 column types, and unlimited free viewers.

Which pricing plan is right for me?’s flexible pricing structure makes it easy to find the right plan for your exact needs, and to scale up or down as necessary.

Broadly speaking:

  • The Basic plan is great for small teams that are using project management software for the first time
  • The Standard plan is the best option for bigger teams that want multiple ways to visualise their projects, and that need to give guest access to clients
  • The Pro plan is for larger teams with complex workflow processes and heavy reliance on other business tools is reader-supported. If you make a purchase through the links on our site, we may earn a commission from the retailers of the products we have reviewed. This helps to provide free advice and reviews for our readers. It has no additional cost to you, and never affects the editorial independence of our reviews.

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