Alexander Lyon: Young Guns UK

Connecting young talent with major brands and record labels

Alexander Lyon, 33
Company: Young Guns UK

Founded on the principle of establishing opportunities for graduates from music colleges and schools across Britain, Alexander Lyon’s aptly‐named management company creates its own acts for the music and events industries in the UK and overseas. The socially-minded business has developed an impressive reputation, organising over 2,000 events for the 1,000 artists it works with, commissioning new compositions and book acts and has signed three bands to major record labels Sony, Universal and Decca. The company’s client base is extensive with HSBC, Bulgari, Rolls Royce and GlaxoSmithKline among the names it works with. Last year Lyon clinched a deal to supply artists for the 2012 London Olympics and recently worked with the organisers of Wimbledon and the Rugby Union. With revenue of £1.3m, Lyon is focused on achieving steady growth and a sustainable business model in order to support the UK’s up-and-coming talent.


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