Anneka Chauhan: i-stay

Non-slip luggage straps for laptop users and frequent travellers alike

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Anneka Chauhan, 27
Company: i-stay Ltd

It’s so refreshing when you come across a British designed product that solves such a common problem – bag straps that slip off your shoulder when you’re walking. The company providing blessed relief for the backs of commuters everywhere is i-stay, with its non-slip range of replacement luggage straps and laptop bags. Founded in August 2012, Anneka Chauhan’s chiropractor-approved range of replacement straps and ergonomic luggage claims to eliminate common problems associated with regular bag straps – they do not slip or tangle and they spread the weight across the user’s whole shoulder, minimising the musculoskeletal discomfort of carrying a heavy load. Now stocked in Ryman and Staples as well as through online retailers, i-stay has had a major impact in just a year of trading. The company is already well into profit, with turnover comfortably exceeding the £1m mark. i-stay’s rise has already been charted by a variety of mainstream press outlets including the Daily Mail, This Morning and the Daily Express and Chauhan expects the fast-growing company to triple revenues in the next 12 months.

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