Charles Delingpole and Anil Stocker: Marketinvoice

The ‘eBay of invoices’ allowing small firms to sell their unpaid invoices to buyers on the web

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Charles Delingpole and Anil Stocker, 30 and 29
Company: Marketinvoice

It’s been a breakthrough year for MarketInvoice. The online marketplace allows small businesses to sell their unpaid invoices to a pool of independent investors and has seen more than £65m funded through its system since its launch two and a half years ago. Over £40m of that funding total has come in the last 12 months alone with more than £6m now traded through the platform each month. The site has hundreds of small business clients trading thousands of times with qualified buyers that, range from family offices to hedge funds and high net worth individuals. Marketinvoice’s pioneering proposition has caught the attention of government, which recently began investing through the platform to the tune of £40m per annum as part of the Business Finance Partnership aimed at boosting alternative sources of funding to small businesses. The duo’s company was named in the top 20 of the Startups 100 in 2012, and similar recognition and acclaim has also come in the form of other awards such as the FSB London Award for Young Business Person of the Year and the City AM award for Innovation.

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