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Tapping into the booming proptech industry is the crowdfunding site for the residential property market

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Daniel Gandesha, 34
Company: Property Partner

Daniel Gandesha’s start-up Property Partner has borrowed the crowdfunding model to create a stock exchange for residential property.

The platform allows users to invest in residential properties for a one-off 2% fee and start to earn rental income from that property, with the ability to withdraw by offering their investment up for sale at any time or exit at market value after five years.

Recently named 13th in the Startups 100 index of the UK’s top new businesses, Property Partner says its properties are handpicked by “one of Britain’s top property experts” Robert Weaver, and organised into themes to make it easier to choose which is worth your investment. Investors are also able to auto-invest in handpicked properties, seeing an initial lump sum split across five properties. Property Partner investors are earning a current estimated return of over 8% annually, made up of rental income and capital growth.

2016 was a year of exceptional growth for the Startups Awards-nominated company: assets under management grew by 175% from £18.4m to £50.8m, while primary investment into the platform grew by 128% from £14m to £32m, and trading on its resale market by 258% from £3m to £10.8m. Over the same period, its investor base grew by 54%.

Property Partner made bidding available on its platform in August 2016, with 1,318 clients now having participated in over 8,300 transactions to date at a total value of £2m.

As the company continues to innovate and disrupt the proptech industry with exciting new products and services, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Gandesha and his fast-growing business.

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